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If this is gamergate people, they really aren't helping their cause. If you hate these people so much, why get them free TV spots and publicity? I've never heard of her or her game and now I have. I think that's where half of the "this isn't gamergate" conspiracy theories come from. It's giving status and attention to unknowns. So you would figure they would cut this out by now.

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This isn't allowed to be discussed. GB and other sites have to grin and bear all this shit. There's kind of a silent nod that they don't talk about this stuff. They'll trump in support and be a team player. If some feminists get too extreme and irrational, they won't say "wtf? No." They will just be quiet. There's posts of logs of devs saying you can't piss off Anita/Zoe or you'll be labeled sexist and shunned by the indie community.

Problem is the rabbit hole will only go deeper. The click bait articles will become more frequent and the people who say "that's stretching the truth a bit, isn't it?" Will get dog piled more and more. I don't agree with bullying Zoe, but they are trying to bully a new standard in games journalism.

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So GameInformer's review is up and what was written does not make it a 9.5 game. Oh well. Having the announcement and early review status may have skewed some numbers. Repetitive maps, uninteresting research items, bad camera, dismissing the multiplayer. I don't see how that adds up to the score. Either it's a 9.5 to get you frothing before some so-so reviews hit, or the game will be awesome.

It always came off as they hit the mark way too late in development and it really isn't ready. I'm getting it regardless because it's filling a void and they're good developers. I'm just hoping they make enough money to make a properly done sequel.

I'm not cynical, am I?

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I've played for maybe 10 hours now. Some runs I'm rushing to the exit, sometimes I'm checking everything out. I've run into the ghost maybe twice. Getting all the gold in a level is pointless. You need to worry about your health and items, that's it. I love the exploration of the game and I don't feel held back at all. In a few levels I managed to get 40K gold without any sign of a ghost. I guess it'll be less of an issue once you learn the game.

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@fox01313: In a mine it is easy to spot, yes. But ones out in the wild are tricky to spot. So while the mod is helpful, it is kind of dumb that it makes it look like it's molten lava.

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If Skyrim and Rage had a baby, we'd have no day/night cycles and no modding. Plus pop-in everywhere.

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@Aas: I didn't have a house at the time. Was weighed down and all the armor was inferior, so I sold it to the fence.

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No will this thieves guild armor problem prevent me from 100% completion of the thieves guild. Some people are making it sound like the armor bug keeps you from the achievement. That would suck.

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I think it works like this: There are 4 stages of vampirism. When you get to the last stage, you're a scumbag who's attack on sight. The key is to feed. Drink the blood of someone sleeping. Break into a house and sneak around. Then you should go back to stage 1 and be pretty normal looking. So you gotta balance it out.

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What happens is if you do a lot of crimes that don't increase your bounty, there's still going to be assassin's etc sent after you. You'll have a reputation, but it can't be proven, so they take the law into their own hands. Makes sense and it's a small balance to your horrible exploits.