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Saturday and Sunday content coming!? Truly we are in the golden age.

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This thread proves to me that they can't possibly satisfy everyone. "We want more videos!" "Ok, here's four hours of us playing old games!" "Boo I hate retro shit!" "Ok, here's a weekly show where we just play whatever comes to mind!" "Boo, that's boring!" "Well we now have a second studio across the country to have the ability to do more videos!" "Boo, that's just because that guy hated San Fransisco!"

I've been watching some old Super Replays/Replays with Dan. I think we'll be OK here. Plus, now four parts of the Powerbombcast are in the same building/company so I can look forward to Dan not on a crappy phone.

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Oh hey I just realized this means a WWE 2K15 QL with Jeff and Dan in the future. Just make it a live Powerbombcast with Alex and Co. and screw around with the story creator for 6 hours.

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Boy I bet Dan and Jason are real happy they uprooted their lives to come across the country to get this kind of response!

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@clonedzero: Rye-Kurt and Ah-striker (at least that's how he says it on the Bombcast.

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I've bought FTL and The Stanley Parable for a grand total of $9. Big spender.

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Fall River, Massachusetts

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Yeah, that guy in that first video has the brightness set WAY too high.

I'm not a graphics nerd like some, but it looks fine on 360. Maybe a step below GTA V but I only played an hour so I haven't really explored much.

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How fucking expensive must SF be if New York is a cheaper alternative to live?

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Are the DLC courses 18 holes?

I'm having a bunch of fun with this so far. The reviews saying that the "career" mode is too short kind of scared me off at first, but there is a whole bunch of other stuff to do. Plus, them making it only $30 takes a bit of the sting out of it having day one DLC.