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Add me also

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Grave of the Fireflies

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This is going to get thrown out of court. If this sticks then Rebellion should also be sued by Walter Hill for using the "Warriors" font for their company logo without permission.

The only game they have released that has seemed to have gotten better than average reviews was Alien vs Predator for the Jaguar...which was released in 1994. I have no idea how they keep afloat when so many quality studios have gone under.

[Revised P.S.] Sins of a Solar Empire is a great game. Elemental is garbage. The owner of Stardock has a really bad reputation on the forums for PR and was being sued by the marketing manager for discrimination before she left.

Also after some research it seems Rebellion keeps afloat by utilizing tax shelters for both game development and publication, since they make a chunk of their income off their shitty comic books and receive some form of government funding.

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GTA: Chinatown wars is essentially the old formula but updated in a few ways. If the game mechanics were considered to be unplayable by today's standards then this version of the game also wouldn't work, and it clearly does.

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@Synaptic said:

a certain guest speaker who popped up around E3 a few times.... made the bombcast terribly annoying to listen to.

This times a million.

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I bet most of you would agree that the only draw to this is sexuality being exploited for the sake of the stage when it comes to her idea of performance art.

My best summation is that this entire debacle gives nothing back to the viewer. Many artists in the abstract performing arts have a deep desire to portray themselves as victims in variably narcassistic ways. The message that many of them are trying to convey can be surmised on the head of a pin and is devalued by proper ways of communication. The messages that the artist tries to impart upon the audience is made into pointless gestures that are only valued by people who exhibit symptoms of false altruism.

Also, check out her shitty geocities-like website and revel in the amateur creation that seems to made with the web development skills of a 12 year old. BTW, she's whoring out her various kickstarters folks....

*edited for clarity

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He's defined as one of the many who just troll the art scene and make a living as a contrarian objectivist. Nate Hill is essentially a lazy artist who never bothered to learn any applied or traditional skills and has pigeon-holed himself to shock exhibitions.

In my opinion he is the epitome of a stock hipster avant-garde artist and has made his tender on pointless means that deserves none of our attention.

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Ouya might end up being the biggest scam of them all for the consumers who attribute. Only time will tell.

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Essentially, its good for fast food when it comes to chicken sandwiches. They also make a good chicken noodle soup.

But all of this is arbitrary since what you can personally make is much better than whatever they can dish out if you put some time and care into quality ingredients. (also at the fraction of the cost)

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I hope he doesn't text pictures of his penis to the high school paper staff.