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@puppies4life: Drop-downs still not working for me. Chrome Version 38.0.2125.111 m on Win 8.1

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There might not be matchmaking available, but this seems pretty useful...

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Patrick left out the most important part of his tweet: "Great actor, good man. The game will probably still be excellent. Like New Coke!"

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@bitcloud said:

@kingschiebi: It's almost as weird as Sony actually getting everything right I suppose lol.

At this point I would just be happy if they came out and said that they are simply continuing what they started with PS+ and just roll out a more powerful hardware simply for the games. Then again, I must be apparently an untypical consumer in that market for only playing games on my consoles and watching a movie on a disc now and then.

Since we do not know a lot more from Sony, I am actually excited for the direction they started off with. On the other hand, they already screwed up easier sure-fire wins in the past and never ceased to be able to 180 on anything they seemed to be doing right.

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The weird thing is that everybody seems to have entirely forgotten that there already is stuff like PlayTV which does pretty much the same as the XBOne - and it also works as a DVR.

I realize that this was something more catered to us Europeans utilizing DVB-T reception, but I can't help but find it ridiculous that Microsoft centered the entire marketing around that pitch, while telling us that the new Xbox is basically not for us, but for a younger generation.

Apart from that, I still don't understand what problem they try to solve with a box that is made for people who already own a box that pretty much handles all and more than they could desire about watching TV.

I'm just curious about their E3 messaging now - not out of excitement, but just by seeing how they can actually go forward in any coherent way with that start.

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Being part of the 56.8 percent, I approve of this option being offered.

I am also happy that Irrational does something based on player feedback that is not just influencing a marketing decision, but genuine gameplay.

Hut ab!

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@VibratingDonkey said:

@kingschiebi said:

@VibratingDonkey said:

I see a lot of words but none of them are about two-step authentication.


The answer is usability.


An unverified system only needs to be verified once. Using this security feature is optional.

Even if it is just one step more, it is one step too much. Same reason why online shops try to do their best in making the actual shopping as painless as somehow possible. (i.e. Amazon 1-Click) and still there are people who are put off by that. It is getting less and "we" (for simplicity sake, I assume that people here are somewhat proficient with computers and the internet) is not the problem. It's the average person on the street that is having problems with that.

It is the same reason why Apple is tremendously successful with their IOS devices and why Microsoft is working hard on making Metro as accessible as possible.

People tend to avoid everything that is even just slightly more complicated if they are not forced to use it in a more secure way and unless every vendor does adopt the same usage regulations, customers will simply go the way of least resistance. It simply comes down to being a business risk, especially if you would be the first in a specific segment to do something like that.

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@VibratingDonkey said:

I see a lot of words but none of them are about two-step authentication.

Why is no one asking about that? Microsoft keeps reiterating that they're very concerned with the online security of their customers etc. PR speak blablah, yet they haven't once mentioned this obvious solution in the form of a security measure designed specifically to protect against account hijacks.

And they literally have everything in place for it too. I don't understand why they haven't done it already, or said anything about doing it.

The answer is usability.

Consoles are entertainment devices and that makes things even more difficult than on the PC.

People would complain - a lot - for every additional time they have to enter a password, even to the extend that they go with another product. No vendor would risk that and rather takes the hit for a couple of compromises instead.

Steam just gets away with that because their audience does generally understand much better the risk and issues attached to an online service and are also much more familiar with these security procedures.

That is simply something that a vendor does not expect from the average family that bought the "gaming box" for the living room.

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As someone who works in the security industry and has a lot of contact to customers that handle different fraud scenarios (mostly in Europe), I'd like to point something out. Fraud is defined by almost all of them as an act where a 3rd party abuses the given service infrastructure and harms the service provider financially or creates a denial of service condition.

Interestingly enough, if one of their customers is the victim, it is not considered as fraud damage, but as a support case.

At least until it becomes public in some manner and gets a higher priority due to the PR damage inflicted.

I am not familiar with the way that Microsoft (or Sony/Nintendo) defines that particular issue, but I just wanted to put that out as food for thought.

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Steam says ... 33 hours ... damn!

Didn't feel like "that" much.

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