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Clover Studio, a game company that sure did pass away way too soon from the gaming industry made this game for the playstation 2 back in the days.Now this game has been released once again in HD and it does this good. Okami looked beautiful on playstation 2 with its japaneese art style and now in HD on playstation 3 it looks better than ever.As a whole this game reminds me alot of the Zelda series when it comes to some game mechanics and the world exploration but it never feels like they have tr...

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Engaging 0

I shall make this clear right now, this is not gonna be a Final Fantasy Tactics killer in any way but what you get is still a very good piece of entertainment.It was many years since I personally played a tactis based j-rpg that was this fun. Its huge, it looks neat, music that makes you keep the beet with your foot at times. Story wise its nothing to brag about but it does its thing and frankly I got so much fun just exploring this world so I don't bother at all with the story. I help out in al...

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An absolute treat 0

I can't remember the last time I played a game that got me so hooked just by the share emotions it gave me. Outland is here, and it does just that. Its a psychadelic treat in all its glory. When sound and graphics work togheter to create something uniqe and pleasant on a higher level within me than just the physical realm.  Ok, Now you think that this guy is really something going on about psychadelic experiences and fair enough, how is the game to play? A treat, its a brease. The navigation thr...

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