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I'm game. GT: KinkehNinja

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Well that was pointless. It did remind me that I still really like the music from Fable.

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@fentonalpha said:
" @Shini4444 said:
" Your standard  average dreams are way cooler than my standard average dreams. "
Yeah my dreams usually rock, but on the down side nightmares are nasty.  I have a reoccurring T-Rex that randomly appears in my dreams outta nowhere and tries to eat me, it may sound fun but it's scary as hell.  He'll probably turn up tonight and eat Gerstmann. Also my Zombie Apocalypse dream made me kinda glad it'll never happen, you haven't had a nightmare till you've been eaten to death by Zombies. "
Seriously? I used to have a reoccurring dream about a T Rex eating me too, well he was trying to, he only got me once. Once was enough. 
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@BeachThunder said:
" @newmarcom said:
You're telling me this thing can hold a gun?!

I love it, and clearly proves it isn't attached to his suit  
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First and only L - Black

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I am the walrus? Also, Sam and Max are the bomb, yo. Ooo, the giant bomb. Swish.