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Marcus is in a hospital, dying, and all 3 games were a fever dream?

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I think you are reaching here. Its just a number, nothing else.

I noticed that you get to drive cars in the game, I think its a callout to Pixar's Cars, that movie had cars in it too,

Also noticed you have a gun in the game, think that refers to Commando, another classic movie

The main character also can walk or run, thats gotta be a reference to the film Dirty Harry, he did both in the film

Game is full of tributes, amazing find!

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I believe you make too many pointless topics!

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Sure, I watch Game Center CX. Watching Arino try to beat games like Castlevania 3 or Ninja Gaiden is a good time.
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I hear ya man, I love the site and all. But really, things are kinda bad right now, or else I would sign up in a heartbeat. Having food on the table and keeping the lights on are my main concerns right now. I had some major surgery almost a year ago, been unable to work, still trying to regain my health back. Honestly, this is one of my favorite sites right now, but I just don't have the money to subscribe.  No disrespect intented man.
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No, not really. That chiptune band was a nightmare, but the rest of the show was cool. I just don't have the disposable income to subscribe right now.
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Dude you sound like a real asshole.
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Sooo many garbage topics in this forum. There gotta be a quest for making a certain amount of threads I'd guess.
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Super Castlevania IV - Great game, incredible music.