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@wolverine: I agree with you, it'd be a good solution. Currently using my Xbox One, I can't help but gravitate towards the games that I have digitally. I use the functionality as it was intended, and it works well. It's similar to my Steam library where I'm able to transition quickly between games--but with the added benefit of voice-navigation and no graphics tweaks.

What you're suggesting would also cause more competitive pricing of digital items, making it a better buying environment for consumers. I'll always take more options.

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@djjoejoe: This. I was so annoyed when they reversed their policies because of no longer being able to install discs. I could have had my library be entirely digital while still shopping for the best price. Eliminating retail competition on the digital versions of games was actually a huge negative for the consumer.

Couldn't agree more.

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What others have said: I love this site. I miss Ryan, of course. Great staff, great community, great site. Proud to be a duder.

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I'm very tempted to get The Walking Dead Season 2 right now. I've only gotten DMC and Gone Home this Steam sale, but I have such a backlog and limited time to play.

I did play through Season 1 and loved it, so maybe it's in order...

(I feel like Louis C.K. with his good and bad thoughts. "Of course I shouldn't get The Walking Dead with my backlog, of course...

...but maybe, if it's on sale it's meant to be.") xD

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Would like to see some female prespective added to the team someday in the future, even though Patrick fills this role pretty well.

Another great gif.

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I've all but forsaken my PS3 due to my PC and new console, but The Last of Us has had me interested all year. I might just have to linger over to my PS3 another time.

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Imaginary dirt bag who needs a place to keep his stuff.

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I always heard Jeff made some decent coin on the Whiskey sale, why does he still have a roommate at his age? Unless... unless Jeff is taking in male suitors. :o

California is really expensive for one. He's probably saving a lot of money doing like he does. He has a nice car too. Not everyone needs a crazy pad, especially if your house is mainly videogame storage and a place to play video games.

In particular, the Bay area. Obviously the closer you are to SF, the more expensive, but the Bay area in general is costly. What you pay for a studio/1 bedroom would net you an easily payable mortgage on a 4 bedroom house in other places.

Seriously though, videogame storage house is pretty accurate.

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@autobarn: Thanks for the suggestion, man. I actually did try that during my troubleshooting list with the Microsoft representative, but it didn't work. I guess mine was truly dead.

@jackel2072: Glad you found a resolution. The experience overall was pretty straightforward, but the time it took was much too long. I agree that the advance exchange is good, though. Hopefully not too many people will have to use it! ;)

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@jackel2072: Hey Jackal. I finally did get my issue resolved; however it took a substantial amount of time discussing with Microsoft support. I followed all of the troubleshooting suggested online and by Microsoft customer support, but nothing brought my Kinect back to life. I ended up doing an advance exchange with my Kinect, so I now I have a brand new one. It's working fine, just as the original one was in the beginning. This is apparently a known issue because Microsoft support was not surprised or caught off guard at all by my particular issue with the Kinect.

Hopefully this new Kinect will have longevity and won't just suddenly turn off and not come back on like the other one. I can't say I experienced the exact same problem you're having since mine never turned off and then came back on after troubleshooting. Unlike yours though, my Kinect was completely unresponsive (no lights, fans, or sensors).

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It had been working perfectly fine up until this point--voice controls have not been going haywire like for some people--but all of the sudden, poof. Trying one final complete reboot to see if I can get it to work, but I'm not optimistic. I have a launch Xbox 360 that used up until the 22nd, and Xbox One gives way less than 2 weeks in.