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Things don't end well for most of the cast of Odin Sphere. It's mimicking an opera, so that's how it should be I guess.
 I guess saying that a game or movie or book moved me to tears is pretty useless, since it's not the game/movie -itself- that had the effect. It's something else. "Being weak", maybe? So it's not going to effect someone else. Because a story character is a stranger, and it doesn't -really- matter what happens to them.

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@RsistncE: I think he did this as a request.. a couple of times Suicrat replied in some other Off-Topic and General Discussion threads, and mentioned some of his political/economic views. A couple of the posters he was debating with wanted him to explain what he meant in detail but he said he didn't want to put a wall of text in the middle of a thread. Someone suggested that he should put it in a blog post instead.
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Thanks for the post Suicrat. After reading your replies in other threads I was interested in where you were coming from. Since you kept away from hyperbole and hubris even when there was a lot of.. clever shouting?.. going on, it stood out.
Your warning's right, this would take a couple readings. The last section's a bit harder to parse than the others, but that might just be because my grammar/vocab comes up short.

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I think a previous poster said it best: it really depends on the city/county, not the State in general. There are a lot of great places to visit in my State, and it's full of interesting people/history, but it -really- varies by county.
I'd probably cast my vote for California. Although, all the news I hear lately makes it seem like they're really having a tough time.

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This is probably kind of the wrong time and place, but I think Yakuza or Yakuza 2 would be the perfect game for the next Endurance Run.
After a long, dating-sim-slash-JRPG game, an adventure game with full control seems like a nice change of pace. 
Since the Quick Look of Shenmue was posted, there's been a lot of comments about that game, but I think that game would probably be really frustrating to watch in ER format. There's a lot of loading, and since all NPCs are full-voiced the GB crew would have to plod through the slow dialogue.
--Yakuza has the whole melodramatic japanese crime story thing going on, but the pacing is faster and the central part of the game is the fighting, which would be great for shorter attention spans.
--The minigames are really well put-together, and would create fun situations where the ER crew could trash talk whoever has the controller.
--NPCs are non-voiced and the text scrolls really fast, so it's not a pain in the neck to talk to them.
--Unlike grand theft auto, yakuza's less of a parody and more like a wannabe-serious story (like Shenmue) so it'd be more fun to make fun of the crazy stuff during the story.
--The Cabaret Club (i.e. hitting on expensive, expensive women) game would probably be GREAT to watch if it's Jeff and Vinny.
Uh, to summarize it, I think Yakuza would be a fun choice for the players and the viewers because it contains the things people love about adventure-action games such as Shenmue; but it's also a great choice because it doesn't include the things in Shenmue that would be frustrating to watch or play.
Sorry for such a long post.

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@JakJ: Good recovery. Now that you've made your point clearer, it makes more sense.
Personally, I don't find the current ads annoying because I prefer pre-load video ads to banner ads. I really hate banner ads, especially animated ones. But of course if the ads became more and more frequent, or if they became longer..
On the topic of [which kinds of ads are best]: While we users of GiantBomb could probably receive ads for all sorts of different products, from food to futons, I think the best ads for this site would be ads for videogame products, or computer products. It probably brings up bad memories of other videogame sites though, doesn't it? That whole conflict between ads and coverage/reviews.
But when you're about to watch a website video about a videogame, and you have to watch an advertisement first, I think that a commercial for a videogame is somehow the easiest. Your, um.. (how to say) your brain doesn't have to switch over and then switch back? Sorry if that doesn't make sense.
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@atomic_dumpling: Namatame had an alibi, but what about his wife?
Suppose for a moment, that both of them acquired the ability to enter televisions. Hiiragi Misuzu realized she could use this power to -pull people into- televisions. This would allow her to suck in a victim from inside the Midnight Channel, then return to the real world from where she left. She wouldn't have to be in Inaba to do this. Killing her ex-husband's new lover, at the same time that he discovered his power, could have driven him insane. She might even have been sending him commands through the Midnight Channel that he and only he could see.
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Used to be a 1up/Kotaku junkie, but lately they'd seemed boring, so followed a link here from TVTropes.

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@animateria: Were it not for the voice actors and music in GaoGaiGar and GurrenLagann, I don't think I would have been able to make it to the end. Just because you sort of know the pattern the story is going to follow after a certain number of years. But! The voice actors and composers in those two shows really, REALLY worked their asses off.
And it makes videos like these all the more hilharious:

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Sakura's an idiot for wearing a skirt to a street fight, but her motivations are the same as yours: get out there, chew on a few knuckle sandwiches, and kick some ass.
That being said, this topic is disappointing! I was expecting nail polish and self-loathing.

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