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Did they reveal a release date at Blizcon? Hearthstone looks sweet, can't wait for it to go into open beta so I can try it out.

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Well this is rich. Your landlord is a guy who works normal hours and is asking you to be quiet after 11PM and you have company over until 2AM on weekdays and you act like your landlord is the one who's being a dick? You are nearly 30 man, maybe it is time to grow up?

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No. gotta get up early in the morning usually. No point in getting a game at midnight when you can't play it until the day afterwards anyway. I'd rather just pre-order online and get it a day or two earlier.

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@SirShandy: It is the absurdity of the "reward" when you look at the cost of obtaining it. It has nothing to do with Wii U or Nintendo. This whole rewarding costumers petty "gifts" for spending a shit load of money on a product is stupid. why not just making the product cheaper in the first place, instead of giving you the illusions that they are "giving" you a reward.

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I'll only have to spend 400 dollars on a console, and 50$ on a game to get FIVE DOLLARS FOR FREE? well sign me up!

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For god sake let it be about The Warden somehow, or at least the Wardens. I'd say it is the one thing Dragon age has going for it. Shame they dropped that whole thing in DA2

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I was diagnosed with moderate depression and anxiety for about 2 years ago. I've been on Wellbutrin 150mg since then. I don't feel indifferent about everything anymore, which is great. not being depressed has helped with my anxiety as well. Depression fucking sucks because it makes you not want to do anything. everything becomes such a bother. I am glad i was convinced to get help. I feel much better now and I don't spend all day escaping into video games and the internet in general.

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Pick up a few books. No handheld will last you 24 hours without recharge. Also you are more then likely never going to touch that handheld again after the trip, don't make the same mistake I did.