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I think it'll be Mordor. Pretty sure that's the easiest and most solid game everyone can agree on.

As usual Jeff is the wild card here. He didn't seem too high on it. Got to a certain point and said he was gonna go back, but seemingly never did. I think they can ALL agree on Bayonetta 2 though.

Also Destiny will absolutely be on the list. It should be. I've said it before, but for all the shit people talked on it they also couldn't stop playing it. Jeff is a good example of this. It's like the nutjobs that pooped all over vanilla Diablo III, but put 100 hours into it anyways.

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I'd almost bet the house that isn't the date. No fucking way. I mean if it is that's cool I guess, but I just don't see it.

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So how will drops work in Crystal Tower now? I saw something saying gear drops as well as weapon upgrades? Have they specified this? Thanks for the info as always.

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Caught the trailer last night. Game of forever continues to amaze.It just looks fucking incredible.

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This game looks pretty damn amazing visually I must say. Also nice to get it for $10 (if you go to GMG and use the voucher which you should).

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Lightning Returns forever.


Also Bayonetta scored a perfect score. How that didn't win is beyond me. Thank goodness for Giant Bomb's method of doing things so I can have that clarity.

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Don't worry you'll get either Super Street Fighter or Ultra down the line. Also this game may as well be Street Fighter 4.5. Looks pretty lame.

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There right next to his crate of shovels I'm sure.

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Alex is a great duder. Nothing but love for that guy. <3

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@tychoid said:

I'm honestly kind of surprised that people are so hyped for this. Witcher 2 was kind of not a great game, aside from the environments. The combat and interface were so unbelievably awful.... and there were loading segments almost every 50 feet. I hope this one does better.

Maybe its just people who never played much of Witcher 2 that are hyped for this?

I feel like you're talking about Skyrim and not the Witcher 2 because the latter was an awesome fucking game and the former was more Bethesda nonsense.