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But...but...smarks told me Mania would be awful this year. Surprise, surprise they delivered. Quick notes:

- Get Ronda out of here. She can't act and has the personality of a fucking rock. (no pun)

- Bray probably should've won, but whatever glad to see Taker doing okay.

- LOL Rusev lost. Good. Fuck him.

- Fuck Trips and his shitty ego for going over in that match. Also his entrance was stupid as fuck.

- Roman did great taking a beating and still coming, but I'm supposed to hate him so boooo I guess.

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@asilentprotagonist said:

The Mercy Blades...... so sick. Scythe is so cool too!

I just picked those up before. They seem quite fun. If I do a second playthrough definitely a Cane/Mercy combo for sure.

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@gaminghooligan said:

@donchipotle: I'm guessing I'm there early. I just beat the boss of the cathedral district and now it's night. I have no idea whats going on with that place yet though, love the super Lovecraft look of it though.

That's a great place to farm Echoes somewhat early on, but more importantly Blood Shards and Twin Shards from the sack bros. Just lure them to the stores heading down and they can't reach you since they're too tall.

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Maybe I was over leveled but I thought compare to the other bosses she hit pretty weak. Also she's pretty easy if you just spam charged R2 attacks against her.

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Yeah they aren't too easy to see, but the more annoying part is the big booming message that you retrieved that lingers way too long. This is a bit problematic in boss fights, as I usually go right for my souls, and then get a big blinding message that obscures my view.

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I got to thinking about this last night and remembered what Jeff spoke of in regards to COD several podcasts ago. Basically he was talking about his enjoyment of Advanced Warfare and the new mechanics, but his worry how the other studios may not use those mechanics and it would seem like a step backward, in his eyes when they release a new game.

I'm wondering if the same could happen with future titles made by From. At this point I have to imagine there will definitely be a Bloodborne II, but I also have to imagine that we will see more "Souls" games (whether that's Dark Souls III or "x" Souls). If we get Bloodborne II there isn't an issue, but for the inevitable future Souls games I find it will probably be hard to go back to that style of combat. It's not that it's bad, since I've quite enjoyed it but going from the super fast and frenetic action of Bloodborne back to the more methodical, plodding combat of the Souls games might seem like a step back to a lot of people. Especially since most seem to agree the combat is the best it's ever been. I suppose they could just take the Bloodborne combat and incorporate it into Souls, but for the people that like that style, they will probably be disappointed in that.

So what do you think?

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Just a PSA don't use the runes that increase your vial limit right now, there's a bug when they're equipped causing excess vials to disappear from storage.

Wait is this confirmed? I just equipped those last night. >_>

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Depends on how patient you are. You can die real quick to even the most minor enemies. Never take anything lightly. Don't be afraid to look things up. The community is still discovering things about the game it seems.

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Loving Ludwig's Holy Blade for my STR build.

Still using the Threaded Cane for my Skill character. The scaling options on weapons are pretty pitiful. Not seeing many above a D. I know the scaling improves when upgraded, but when both Strength and Skill are D's at +0, I never know which stat will scale higher when upgraded. Has anyone come accross good Skill scaling weapons?

I'm guessing those dual swords (the ones that split in two) do? Unsure of anything else really.

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I haven't been consuming my Madman's Knowledge just out of curiosity, so don't have as much Insight as I probably should. I have no idea if there is any benefit to not consuming them, apart from not upping the difficulty sooner.

Not that I've heard. Just remember if you want to use that Insight vendor you have to have, at least, 10 Insight. It's pretty dumb so if you're shopping and spend Insight to where your below 10 you can't shop again until you have 10 again.