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Keith David is great for that sort of thing. Made me sad to see Shane, because I miss him. Same for Bischoff. :-(

Just bring him in and let him be the main non wrestling heel so Trips and Steph can go away. Good episode though. I was surprised at how...fair it was. I expected a WCW burial and it seemed to give both sides a fair shake.

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I still like doing Fates. Dungeons just feel too slow. What I did for my most recent 50 was FATES, Challenge Log, and Guildhests to around Stone Vigil access. Ran that a few times til level 44 and then just spam Darkhold first room til 50.

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This just makes me wish I didn't take that long break from the game. Glad to be back in though. Hugs for everyone <3

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So Bryan kicks a lot, so what? So Roman Reigns does... I don't know what he does because his offense isn't memorable, so what?

Hulk Hogan was one of the best wrestlers in the history of pro wrestling, and it wasn't because of athleticism (which he had) or because of his move set (which was stock 80s stuff). It's because he knew how to tell a story with a wrestling match. Arguing that Roman Reigns is on Daniel Bryan's level because one kicks a lot and the other has a shotgun hand (what?) is a false equivalence. People aren't saying Roman is dull because his move set is dull, they're saying he's dull because he can't tell a story. And it's completely fair criticism when the WWE Machine is strapping a rocket to his ass and expecting him to shoot the moon.

Is any of this Roman's fault? Not really. He's only been in the business a couple of years; he's as green as he should be, and he's learning at an average pace. The real crux of this issue is that, once again, the WWE Machine is pushing someone who does not have the chops or the body of knowledge necessary to perform on a main event level. This isn't some student of the game like Dolph Ziggler, this is a dude who said "sure, why not?" when presented with an opportunity to be a wrestler. I don't think anyone should expect anything more than what Roman is giving, considering where he is as talent.

If anything, Roman Reigns getting exposed like this should only highlight just how damn good both Ambrose and Rollins are. I remember writing in this very thread how I was so sure Rollins would be the odd man out with Roman as the Chosen One and Ambrose as a Roddy Piper 2.0, but I'll be damned if it doesn't look like the opposite between Rollins and Reigns. In the end, the WWE Machine's rocket can only do so much, it's ultimately up to the individual to light the fuse, and now it seems like Rollins and Ambrose stole Roman's rocket like it was a car stereo.

I mean, think about it, they've been carrying the rookie for over a year as The Shield. And The Shield had multiple five star matches over its tenure. To me, it's impressive as hell that Ambrose and Rollins not only threaded the needle on those matches, but managed to turn Roman from a handicap to a plot point. Truly impressive, all things considered.

No I'm pretty sure they are indeed just nitpicking his moveset. I've never once heard someone say "Man that Roman guy can't tell a story". It's always "derp five moves of doom". You can slice it however you want, but the Bryan example is perfectly fine. It's just that Bryan is an IWC darling and Roman is a "WWE guy" through and through.

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I can break down EXACTLY why he is boring for you. All he can do is strikes, samoan drop and the spear. He's also incredibly awful on the mic. He works well when he is backed up and covered for by two amazing wrestlers but he falls flat alone.


Daniel Bryan: Kick, kick, kick...some more kicks. Here's a headbutt from the top...kick, kick, kick. Bryan is also not very good on the mic. I think Roman could be good on the mic, but his issue is he obviously has his shit written for him and it's not great, but also he tries to be all suave and cool when he should just keep it short, sweet, and badass.

Roman Reigns is pretty easily my least favorite midcard-or-above guy on the roster, and they're making me actively dislike him even more because they've already strapped the rocket to him and are giving him invincible Superman Cena booking of 'sell for 15 minutes and then hit my five moves and win.' He still looks green as shit in the ring and it's pretty clear at this point that the only reason he was tolerable is because they did a really good job of hiding him behind Rollins and Ambrose. There's a reason people who are new to wrestling spend time in the midcard before they start main eventing; he looks awful in there with all the other guys who have been at it for at least a decade.

Also the Superman Punch is a terrible move and I actually cringe every time he cocks his wrist like a gun (his little 'punch the ground' pose right before it is terrible too and I'm waiting for him to break a knuckle doing it a la Orton's shoulder). So, so awful.

So it was okay when Bryan was made to look invincible at Mania? Also that's what all main event baby faces do...they get beat up, bust out their moves and win. This has almost always been the case. I hardly think he's green in the ring either. He can take a beating well, bumps/sells well, etc. He just needs to add like a spinebuster or a powerbomb to his arsenal or something. Also the complaint about the superman punch is silly. It's pro wrestling. I love the move BECAUSE of the buildup he gives it.

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Ruh oh. Bad news...rematch for the World Title at Night of Champions. Time for lolcenawins. Trips announced on his Twitter.

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I wish they didn't make dying my Choco so damn bothersome. :-/

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Ziggler is the IC Champ now and I barely remember. That's how good this PPV was. Really wish WWE would bring their "A" game more often. When they're on point, it's fantastic. Super excited for Raw tomorrow. I have that Mania feeling all over again.

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Nice dude. Congrats on the win.

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LOL at Reigns saying he wanted to face Undertaker. Gincarlo tweeted about that real fast.

So I guess they're probably looking at Brock winning then losing to Reigns in the main event of Mania?

I sort of want to take off work for Summerslam. I did it for Mania and it was well worth it. This I feel like may be the opposite.