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*continues to play FFXIV or other PC games*

You were saying?

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@cmblasko said:

Does PSN work yet? I just want to play my new PS4 :(

Damn you great lizard uprising of 2352!

I was just on the PSN page looking at something and it's up unlike the other day so I dunno if that's any indication or not.

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Podcacts first then the video. I can't imagine doing it the other way around. That's basically like reading spoilers first and then going back to watch the movie/show.

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This topic seems kind of not needed. He likes the game. He's entitled to that. I think that game gets shit on way too much honestly. It has its issues, but most games do.

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@skyrider: AJ's in a company with the Young Bucks, whose general moveset is much dumber and goofier-looking than the Styles Clash.

Styles Clash is a cool looking move though. >_>

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I knew Fatman would pose the biggest problem.

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Oh another Monday Night War episode burying WCW. Shocker.

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Eh he doesn't need to play those games. I know people will get pissy but those handheld games aren't important to the mainline games.

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The hiring of Dan Ryckert, I feel like it's the best thing to happen to the site in so long and everyone loves him

This. They couldn't have done any better. He really revitalized this site.

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I think it'll be Mordor. Pretty sure that's the easiest and most solid game everyone can agree on.

As usual Jeff is the wild card here. He didn't seem too high on it. Got to a certain point and said he was gonna go back, but seemingly never did. I think they can ALL agree on Bayonetta 2 though.

Also Destiny will absolutely be on the list. It should be. I've said it before, but for all the shit people talked on it they also couldn't stop playing it. Jeff is a good example of this. It's like the nutjobs that pooped all over vanilla Diablo III, but put 100 hours into it anyways.