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This image is pretty funny. A kayfabe tier list. Do you agree with the rankings?

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@pr1mus said:

@amyggen: I hate everything about Joffrey. The character, the way he is written and the actor who i think is terrible (but maybe that's the writers fault) and essentially every single scene he has been in since the start. Everything and everyone else range from alright to excellent.

So basically the actor/writers did their job right then.

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Heyman AND Undertaker soon to be on Austin's podcast? Super hyped.

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Definitely don't feel ashamed to have asked that question man. That was strong of you and it just showed how great this community can be and why they love the site.

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Yeah something about him collapsing on the way to his car, while with his wife or something. Was pronounced dead at the hospital. Wrestling is a brutal, brutal industry man. Takes too many lives, young and old.

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Also as for Warrior, seems like Steph retweeted him too. I really hope this isn't true. :-/

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Journey to WM - Daniel Bryan thoughts.

This was easily the best documentary WWE has produced since the Punk one, and their most impressive production overall given that the historic events in it WERE TWO FRICKIN DAYS AGO. Loved seeing so much ROH love on it, although ROH's crappy production really stuck out when they showed TWA footage that honestly looked worlds better.

Screens -

Is that up on the network now?

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Screw the haters this would've been awesome if it happened tonight.

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@recspec said:

I hope this is the year Wade Barrett finally gets into the title picture. Maybe as the Money in the Bank winner?

I really hope so. There's untapped potential there and I hope they finally give him a real legit shot.

Also this pic is pretty funny.