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All Cesaro did tonight was prove Vince right. He'll never be a top guy, with those god awful promo skills. Can wrestle his ass off, but that's not enough.

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I came back to the game recently. Haven't touched a raid and went from level 25 on my Warlock to 34 in a few days. You don't need them, at least in regard to light level.

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No it's fucking stupid. Give me my rewards the FIRST time through. Probably won't be playing again. It's super lame.

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The complaints about this are valid, but I know most of the people bitching are still gonna buckle down, take it up the ass, and pay for it anyways. If you really believe in this vote with your wallet. Thing is most people aren't that strong willed. With the supposed public outcry you'd think The Taken King would flop, but I bet it's otherwise.

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They seem to stiff for that kind of thing. It would just be PR speak the whole time.

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So when are they gonna give me match making? Or are they still using the same old, ass tired excuse?

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I want Hololens. It just seems like it would have more practical uses. Also VR just seems like 3D all over again.

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Man...I dunno if people REALLY like Killzone or don't realize those same people are making Horizon. Their M.O. is beautiful, but average. Obviously it's possible they really step it up, but history tells me otherwise.

I think For Honor looks pretty rad and it's not getting talked about a lot. I want a new Bushido Blade and this isn't quite that, but it's a step in that direction. Sea of Thieves looks like it could be really rad as well. Can't say anything for ReCore because no gameplay.

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I'm kind of with Jeff in that I come to MGS for stupid Bleach tier storylines. This one doesn't seem to be providing that. It's nice that they actually stepped up from a gameplay perspective (even though I still feel the controls are pretty clunky), but I want to WATCH Metal Gear more then actually PLAY it. Also fuck Big Boss.

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Just got a Galaxy S4 Edge. Really liking it.