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Is it possible to get game audio out of the Gamepad via headphones? I play at night so for Wii U games that's kind of a make or break thing sadly. :-/

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Hey duders, I'm toying with the idea of trying ARR. My PC is circa-2005 and I don't have a PS4 yet -- is the PS3 version playable enough? I'm not particularly picky about framerate or resolution so long as it doesn't impact the gameplay too much.

Also, if I do get in, I should still create a character on the Ultros server, right? Someone earlier mentioned free space in the guild -- will I be able to get in now?

Something to consider though...I'm almost positive Yoshi-P has said that support for the PS3 version may go away after the expansion, since it will naturally be limiting the other platforms.

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He will get to experience the best game in the series. Sadly it's followed up by the worst. >_>

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Been using the Earth cave for the last few nights. It's pretty swell. Even better you can level up pretty quickly with it. Technically you don't even have to fire a weapon. Just be nearby and you'll get exp. I was messing around in my menu and I leveled

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Was gonna make a new thread but I'll post this here. Info dump. Things are sounding great.

- Final Fantasy XV's director is now Tabata. Nomura will work only on KHIII

- The released trailer gameplay is what will be in the demo

- Tabata: "There are great expectations for this game but we're not forgetting the saga roots while creating new elements"

- The combat system started out as "action" a-la-KH, but has changed since then even though its action roots are still present. It has become much more like a Final Fantasy since becoming a numbered entry. We want to give to the player the full control of what's happening during the fight

- There will be many new elements yet to be revealed. As for basic actions, Noctis can attack, dodge enemies, roll, warp (via sword) and even use auto-attack for basic attacks

- Every character/ally will fight with his/her own style and can be combined with others to create a new attack / combo. Depending on he enemy and their status, certain allies will be more effective against it and so searching them out in battle to create a combo attack can turn the tide

- Lots to explore, to move about quickly the player can freely drive the car or let your party drive it via Auto-Drive, so you can look all around for secrets as you drive

- Tabata praises next gen's power, by underlining the beauty of the real-time day / night cycle and the weather system. (imo: live demo shows XV, like many new games now, uses physically based rendering where materials are accurately displayed in how it reacts to light, elements (water), so on)

- Tabata: "Open world? Yes, FFXV will have a massive world to explore, all thanks to next gen consoles

- Episode Ducsae (demo) is confirmed for March 2015, included in Type 0 HD

- Ducsae is a region in FFXV's world

- The demo will be set not too far from the beginning of the game, but no spoilers. It's all to present the core designs of the game (combat, exploration)

- The demo's length is big, with 3-4 hours allowing you to explore and enter a dungeon

- No classic Final Boss in the demo, but the final scene will impress FF fans (Lightning Returns?)

- The demo is 70-80% complete. March's version will be better than what has already been shown

- We've worked hard on how each character is characterised. Every one is going to be their own person and add something to the brotherhood feeling of the game. We expect you'll love them all.

- New details on plot and characters in future events, Jump Festa 2015 especially.

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I need this in my body like right now.

Like it's really fucking happening and I'm ecstatic.

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@steadying said:

I will say this: I do not care for Noctis' dumb little bad boy skulls on his buttons.

yeah the whole crew in black leather is a bit much, maybe the guy taking Nomura's place can tone down some of that "40 year japanese dude who still clubs" vibe

I actually quite like it. The look is a lot more simple and classy.

Not much more gushing I can do about this game. It's easily my most hyped game and has been for quite some time now. Really curious how the battle system will work.

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Frame rate in the original XIII was totally fine. It'd be great to play XIII-2 without the terrible graphics and frame rate though. No idea why that game ran/looked so much worse than the original.

Yeah that'd be the biggest thing for me. XIII-2 and LR had some performance issues, while the first game ran perfectly fine. I'd love to play them at a stable framerate.

Anyways I've been wanting this and would totally double dip on those. Plus the better these do the more Square games and hopefully JRPG's we get on Steam, which is very much needed. Give me FFXV on PC.

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Mic chat for everything. That's the biggest issue. People complaining about loot need to accept it's RNG. There's nothing wrong with it. You're just unlucky.

Ditch all the competitive stuff, spend all that time on money on enlarging the campaign area and hiring a writer.

I don't think anyone's going to like answer, but I hate PVP.

Getting rid of options is never a good thing.

Also I disagree with lowering Vanguard marks. This IS an MMO. The reason so many people are complaining about loot and gearing up is because they want instant gratification. They are shooter fans. They aren't used to it. I don't want to be able to gear up in a day or two.

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Sent a request for NA East.

XBL: Kire Noloc

Bungie ID: Kire Noloc