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If Brad hosting means 3.5hour Bombcasts on the regular, I say yea!

This so much. When was the last time we had a 3 hour podcast? That was the norm for a good long while, and then it started hitting the 2 hour area more regularly.

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Load times are prettttttty bad. I have this weird issue where I'll switch my weapon...except it won't actually switch to the next one. It switches to the same one. Especially when I try to reload and then switch. Really odd issue.

Overall though it's pretty fun. I am underwhelmed with character creator though. It seemed cool, but not too many options. Also, unless I'm missing something, why the hell can't you rotate your character during creation?

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Usos retain. No one cares. Rather that then Wyatts win. No clue why anyone would want the Wyatts to win meaningless titles in a dreadful division.

Jericho needed to win. It's great that he comes back and puts dudes over, but he needs wins himself to still look credible. Besides Wyatt will get the win at the bigger, more important show. Nobody will remember Fillergrounds.

Saw the Miz thing coming a mile away. I guess they expected me to forget about him? I dunno. Slater eliminating Cesaro was Cesaro has fallen hard. People talk about Bray, but fucking Cesaro is just dead in the water right now.

lolcenawins...which was expected, but where's mah Brock? V_V

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Nintendo fanboy Holmes is the problem here.

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@mystyr_e said:

Maximilian: I'll admit though his "OH YEA VIDEOGAMES LET'S GO!" hype persona can be a bit much but when he's not doing that, he's an entertaining fighting game player.

Force: Very well-spoken, covers a good amount of games.

Markiplier:, the overexaggerated facial expressions notwithstanding, probably my favorite of the "watch dude play horror game with facecam" crowd.

Haven't watched Force in a while, but I second him. Seems like a cool, chill dude.

As a big FFXIV I love Mr. Happy. He's got a bunch of youtube stuff and streams pretty regularly also.

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I timestamped the Chop part.

This whole thing had some great moments. The one where Vinny just sucker punches the hobo before the scene was hilarious.

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@cmblasko said:

That Weidman-Machida fight was incredible. The crowd came alive for every landed strike - imagine if pro wrestling crowds could be conditioned to respond in such a way.

Rousey is a goddamn monster. So impressive on so many levels.

WWE could learn a thing or two from UFC's presentation philosophy IMO.

Not to turn this into an MMA thread, but I'll never be impressed with Rousey. Women's MMA is like D tier. She just happens to be the best at it. It's the Royce Gracie thing. Royce wasn't a great fighter, but he happened to be better then the garbage he was fighting. They're both one trick ponies. In her defense you can only fight who's available. Still there's...nothing available except Cyborg who would smash her.

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Do you want it cheap or do you want it very very effective & attractive?

The cheap way: if you don't care about the wall, just use a few push-pins to hang special acoustical egg-crate foam...THAT IS FIRE hang. You would probably only need 1 inch think foam. Enough to cover 10 Sq feet is $70-$80. DO NOT BUY CHEAP must be Flammability UL-94 (Self Extinguishing) foam. BTW: Do not use candles, cigarettes, incense, or 'toke-up' in your room even if you have safe foam.

More expensive: You can buy acoustical tiles/panels meant for walls, they will be fireproof and will come in various sizes. They will look nicer but will cost far, far more.

Whatever you do be safe! I knew a dude who died in his dorm room because he had shit on his walls. His room when up like a god-damn wood-stove because he had blankets, tapestries and posters on his walls. Anything you use needs to be fire retardant and self extinguishing....BUT that just mean you might get 40 seconds to RUN if something lights up...

Now I'm terrified I'm gonna burn the house down. >_>

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@kishinfoulux: A quick tip (which might be obvious or you already know but I didn't when I had a similar problem):

Sound dampening foam only works because of its density. The egg crate shaped foam that you see in studios (like the c-net studio where they record the Bombcast) works to disperse sound waves, but that just means reducing echo. That helps your sound quality (if it's surrounding you), but it doesn't really reduce the decibles. So if you go for that stuff, or anyhting similar, make sure you get a specific sound proofing product (and try to find reviews!).

Also, something like a single barrier in the room doesn't seem like it would do much to reduce the noise. If there are gaps, the sound gets through.

I'm sure there are some solutions, but I guess I just wanted to let you know that, in my experience at least, stopping sound can be a lot harder than it seems.

Could you try to just your microphone volume up and speak more quietly?

Hmmmm...I wasn't aware of that. Are you aware of any such products?

I speak pretty low as is. I guess the real test will come when Summer is over, the AC's are off and the doors are open again. Right now they are my greatest ally.

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Thank you Patrick. <3

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All my hype. Crystal Tower I'm coming for you!!!