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I can't be bothered to play this so I'm watching a streamer I like play through it. Yo fuck this shit lol. Just saw his crazy girlfriend hack his hand off with a chainsaw and then you just pick up your hand afterwards like it's a damn quest item...lmao.

I'm getting tense just watching this shit. Could never imagine playing it.

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Another Breath of Fire.

Another Legacy of Kain.

Another Too Human.

I haz a sad.

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A very lengthy feature, a long time in the making. I'll maybe add some bullet points to this opening later, as I'm still reading it myself, but I've heard great things about it. Some neat insights even years later that people may not have known.

"Ideas spilled in every direction, and over the course of two years the company took three distinct attempts at getting the game off the ground.

The first of those three was a direct 2D sequel to Final Fantasy 6 for Super Famicom." (In reference to FFVII)

"At that early point we were all still going back and forth about what the story should be. Nothing had been clearly decided on yet. … [In] the first plot treatment that Sakaguchi-san wrote, it took place in New York, there was an organization there that was trying to destroy the Mako Reactors and a character named Detective Joe was investigating them. There were other characters involved, too. One of the members of this organization trying to destroy the reactor was the prototype character for [eventual FF7 main character] Cloud."

"When Square released screenshots from Final Fantasy 6: The Interactive CG Game in 1995, some magazines jumped the gun and reported them as the first look at a game for Nintendo 64 (under its early name "Ultra 64"). Those reports turned out to be incorrect."

"You don’t? But you designed him! [Laughs] Anyway, we made a 2,000-count polygon version of Behemoth for the Nintendo 64, but when we rendered and animated it, the framerate was way too low. To properly display Behemoth with that technology, we needed 2,000 polygons, but it was a little too much for the hardware. That was part of the problem with choosing Nintendo."

"All this work was toward — I think they called it the Shoshinkai, Nintendo’s Space World [trade show in Japan]. And here I am coding, kind of being able to do lead dev work for this Space World demo. Then I think it was near the end of the year. Sakaguchi-san just gathers everybody in the middle of this gigantic floor where we had a bunch of devs working in the middle of Meguro. And he just casually announces, “You know, we’re not developing for Nintendo anymore.” … So all my work at that point kind of went down the drain."

"Square was a bet-the-company kind of company. It was a big risk to put Final Fantasy 7 on the PlayStation. … Nobody had confidence in PlayStation. Nobody knew whether it would work, and most people thought that it wouldn’t. And the early pictures that came out, when it looked like a toilet bowl, confirmed everybody’s suspicions."

"While many people speaking for this story point to this often-told story about the differences between CD-ROMs and cartridges as the main reason for Square’s shift to PlayStation, some say hardware horsepower differences and communication between Square and Nintendo also played a key role in the decision. Kawai says he believes Square has focused its public comments on the disc versus cartridge debate over the years out of respect to Nintendo."

***just some quick, choice quotes I pulled, from the early goings***

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Yes he should play the game of that generation.

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@sincave said:

Bring back Brad Nicholson thats the only real answer

They wasted Brad so fucking hard. I'm still salty about that. He was fucking tremendous on Podtoid. He was hilarious and had such a presence. He just sadly never gelled here at all.

@luchalma said:

In all honesty, my true fantasy is that GBEast didn't exist at all, and Vinny, Dan, and Alex were with the rest of the West coast crew, really get WEIRD with it.

This so much. I remember when the split happened people tried to be optimistic about it and here we are however long later and I just see it as an almost utter failure. The point is driven home even further when the groups do reunite for E3 or GOTY and you're just like "man they're fucking amazing together! Welp time to go split up again for 90% of the year!".

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Nah fuck that. We don't need participation trophies. If your game ain't good enough to make the top three tough shit for you. I already think they're too lenient in that regard, with the constant "well this game already got its due elsewhere to let something else get it now" mentality.

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You're setting yourself up for disappoint because:

1. It's most likely not gonna happen and...

2. Even if it does happen NOTHING will capture the magic of the original Endurance Run. It's such an iconic, legendary feature of this site.

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I'm hoping those are mostly joke choices, since half of them would never happen.

I legit don't know who can replace Dan in the West office. There's really no one out there that I'm interested in, which is a bit worrying. Wouldn't mind some new blood.

@ares42 said:

Considering how well they did hiring the "unknown" Austin, I'd say go that route again.

He really wasn't that unknown. I don't follow many games journos and even I had heard of him, from Stream Friends, with Phil Kollar.

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No opening crawl means this is NOT a Star Wars movie. I'm half joking about that (which means I'm half serious. I take my crawls very seriously).

Really enjoyed. Bit of a slow start. A LOT of hyperbole surrounding this movie though. "That Vader scene is incredible!!!!" "The best space battle in teh seriezzzzzz!!!!". None of those are true. It's a cool way to lead into A New Hope, but also did we really need that? Then again Star Wars is cool again so, just like the comic book movie boom, I'm not gonna take this for granted, because it could all come crashing down at any point. So far they are 2 for 2 in my eyes. The Force Awakens was better I thought, but it was kind of neat to have a Star Wars movie that was a bit different, but that's also why it doesn't rank as highly for me. Also LOL CG Tarkin. I almost never complain about CG, but that was just...yeah.

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Was just gonna say "hasn't that show been six feet under for a while now?".