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The Roman Empires begins. ^____^

I loved that Rumble just because it's hilarious seeing the WWE give the finger and say we're proceeding with our plans whether you like it or not.

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Never in my life have I seen a company hold their customers in such contempt like the WWE does. That Rumble was.... wow.

At least the Triple Threat was a fantastic match that I'd put up there with the WK9 matches.

They obviously feel that their hardcore fans will keep tuning in no matter what and they just care about trying to attract the mainstream. I could even see Vince understanding that the crowd would shit on the finish and doing it anyway because it will generate more buzz than a popular IWC hero winner like Bryan, Ambrose, or Ziggler.

And they would be right. I constantly see "derp I'm done with this company" stuff every week...and then they all tune in again the following Monday.

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What if John Cena and The Rock win the Rumble to setup THREE TIMES IN A LIFETIME

I want this just for all the rage it would induce. CHAOS.

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I don't like UPF at all, tbqh. They play mostly games I have no interest in. You have your moments, but it's not worth sitting through 2-3 hours for them.

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So...Cody Hall is semi Bullet Club now? Kid is BIG. Curious to see how he does there. He'll be getting some valuable experience that a lot of guys don't get nowadays.

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Uh so is there no sound for the latest NJPW event on NJPW World or just me? I imagine it's the latter, but I want to make sure.

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I picked up NJPW world just before. The layout is a bit weird, and I guess I have to search for dudes using Kanji or something. Still stream quality is pretty good and signing up was simple enough. A bit of a bummer they don't have events as a whole, as opposed to just a match by match basis. Looks like some entrances may be cut? Hard to tell. Seems cool so far though.

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RIP. Always seemed like a great dude. This video is hard to watch.

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Greatly enjoyed Wrestle Kingdom, especially those two main events. My first experience of Kenny Omega was also very positive.

FUCK Flipps, however. It was a delayed start, and while I got to watch ~90 minutes of the show uninterrupted, everything went to shit. Had to swap over to my NJPW World account and watch the rest in Japanese (which is fun in its own way). Missed most of the Styles match. Very poor service and it seems I'm unlikely to get a refund.

Sounds like Flipps was ass for a lot of people, which is unfortunate.

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Who would of known Jon Jones was a D-X fan.

Bless your heart Johnny Bones.

And Wrestlekingdom was great. I'll leave it at that so as to avoid spoilers for others who are watching later. You're in for a treat.