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So far Lelianna seems to be a waste in the game. Not a lot of great/amazing dialogue and I don't understand why she wouldn't be a romance option. Just seemed weird I guess.

Because she can romance the Warden in Origins, who is potentially still around and active. They could have always put in a flag that stops you from romancing her if your Warden did I guess, but she doesn't really seem like she would be into romancing anyone in this game anyway.

@kishinfoulux: What is Josephine going to do in a combat party? Throw money at enemies to get them to leave you alone?

Could've just made her a Mage/Rogue or something.

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Honestly everyone at the damn war table should've been in the party because they are waaaaaay cooler/more interesting then the ones you get. Give me Cullen, Leilana, Josephine and Morrigan over Dorian, Viv, Sera, Blackwall.

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Jurassic Park was a movie that didn't need a sequel. We got two. We don't need another. This just further cements that. Looks terrible.

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They all need to play Dragon Age.

Also I'd love a Lightning Returns Quick Look that wasn't just pooping on the game. >_>

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I think a lot of the Mage stuff looks weak, though I am playing a Qunari and everything looks bad on them. >_>

I also found that with the heavier stuff the equipment that's weaker tends to look better. I've found some great Templar/Seeker armor, but it's always outdone greatly but something that doesn't look nearly as cool.

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I don't see the problem with this. Funnily enough we'll still see day one reviews. Games media everyone.

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My hopes are that Dragon Age and Titanfall make the top 10 at least. Would like to see The Wolf Among Us up there but that seems unlikely.

We can only hope man :D With how these things go on for 3 hours, who knows what the hell will be up there.

For all we know, madden may come out of nowhere...

Seeing as how there's gonna be like 20 people in the room it may very well be super long, which I'm all for.

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Wait til you romance someone. My dude was hunching over so bad to make out with my love

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I'm potentially excited about this. This gen is an absolute black hole for JRPG's and it makes me sad. We need more.

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Knight Enchanter.

Proceed to solo.