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Be a completely different game? What is this topic even?

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I never got the "I SHOULD be excited, but I'm not" thing. Not everyone is going to like the same thing.

Also I'm really curious how this game does. All I see everywhere is negativity for the game.

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Literally called gamergate. Fuck this world.

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To answer the actual thread question I want it to go away, because it serves no fucking purpose. I find it untrustworthy, for the most part, and I'm capable of knowing whether I'll like a game on my own.

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Sort of related, but the upcoming section has been bugged for me for a while. It keeps listing old things coming up (like episode 4 of Metal Gear Scanlon has been there for a week).

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@turboman said:

Typical West Coast crowd, acting too cool to be at a wrestling show and not making any noise.

Greg Millar was a worthy winner of the Royal Rumble, but he looked like Cena in the Cena/Lesnar match against Navarro.

Once I found out he won I lost any desire to watch. Glad Alex beat him. Don't like that dude one bit.

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Glasses sort of kill it for me a bit. He doesn't look as cool as Yu or Minato.

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I'll let you know when I actually see gameplay footage.

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Keith David is great for that sort of thing. Made me sad to see Shane, because I miss him. Same for Bischoff. :-(

Just bring him in and let him be the main non wrestling heel so Trips and Steph can go away. Good episode though. I was surprised at how...fair it was. I expected a WCW burial and it seemed to give both sides a fair shake.

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I still like doing Fates. Dungeons just feel too slow. What I did for my most recent 50 was FATES, Challenge Log, and Guildhests to around Stone Vigil access. Ran that a few times til level 44 and then just spam Darkhold first room til 50.