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Knight Enchanter.

Proceed to solo.

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I'm shocked they let the game out there like that. At the very least, there's a TON of game to play through. Doesn't excuse it, but at least it's something. I feel sorry for those that bought it though (at least for the time being).

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@milkman said:

"Look at these people. They're rioting. They're the bad guys. Not us."

I'd end up agreeing that anyone rioting are "the bad guys" in any situation.

Seeing people defend rioters is pretty damn absurd to me. Frustration is expected, but all the destruction caused?

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It's fine for stuff like Scanlon but don't really want that for all the Quick Looks honestly.

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I mean I would say they were that good. Both were a ton of fun. People just get too wrapped up in hype and let that cloud their judgement.

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Sucks you get stuck with the choice. Worst part is you can't even preview what the abilities will be or test them out. Gotta take a leap of faith.

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MAN CALLED FUCKING STING!!!! Suck it haters. Really wish they used the crow theme. Would've made the moment better, but fuck it he's finally here and I'm hyped.

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Best party is Knight Enchanter and only Knight Enchanter. O_O