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Square gonna kill it this year. Square always and forever <3

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I'm stunned they are even doing this considering the stupid fucking backlash against the first game and the fact that it bombed. Good on them.

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I always hated the concept of Batman fighting Superman. Superman should crush him period. Spam heat vision from a distance or something. It just makes Superman look like an idiot and Batman look like a god.

As for the trailer it's alright. Way more hyped for Avengers, Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Spectre, etc. I'll see it probably, but I'm not really hyped for it.

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@punched said:

It's crazy how much people lose their shit when something isn't perfect within the first 5 seconds of it being released.

It's the first time Steam has rolled out the download as you play thing and it didn't work. Oh well. Go to bed and play it in the morning.

Are you really defending something not working that people paid $60 for? This kind of attitude is exactly why devs think they can get away with this nonsense.

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Bleh. There's just something about this game I'm not feeling. I really don't like the online aspect. Online is in every other genre. It doesn't need to be in JRPG's too. They are like one of the last bastions of true single player. Also "Dolls" is just a dumb name. This game just seems super overwhelming, and not in a good way. Like it's just gonna be a ton of work and not really fun. The first game was already a handful and this just adds even more on top of that. I'm sure I'll check it out, but out of the three headed JRPG monster coming our way (this, FFXV, and Persona 5) I'm probably the least hyped for this.

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God I hope so because fuck Big Boss.

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Get hype. I really dug the first game, though it realllllly burned me out having like a 100 enemies per map. I hope they ease up on that. Sadly no gameplay here, but I expect it to be mostly unchanged. Some nice new character additions with plenty more to be revealed I'm sure.

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I mostly get annoyed when someone says something that's downright incorrect or makes wide sweeping assumptions. If you don't like it, you don't like it. There are times when I find it hard to wrap my head around some things though. Like someone might say "this combat is really slow" and I'm thinking they're crazy it's fast paced or something. Also, as a JRPG fan, I get bothered by the usual stereotypes people throw at those games. Gets pretty old.

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Because it's a bad game and not liking bad games seems normal.

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Thought Raw was pretty good tonight and surprisingly enjoyed the Cena interview. Good stuff.