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@kishinfoulux: Well the idea is that people on this forum would use it. Doesn't really need to be hidden when we are already here.

I know, but anyone from anywhere can just pop in and use it is my point, regardless of being part of the site or not.

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git gud scrub

This is the perfect response to this topic.

No it's the typical Souls fanboy childish response. Continuing the fine tradition of being the worst fans in gaming.

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@kishinfoulux: I'm not sure what you mean...if gamesradar gave it 4.5/5...that's nearly a full score....9/10, 95/100...that clearly means they love it.

If you call something a masterpiece it damn well better get a perfect score. That's pretty much the highest praise you can give something. For the record this isn't me saying "waaaah" it deserves a 5/5. Just pointing out how stupid it looks (and one of the many reasons scores are fucking dumb).

2015: the year Japanese developers took the title back?

They never left.

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Every time a Souls game comes out it's fun watching the usual haters in the media get super salty about it (like Gies of Polygon and Stapleton of IGN). They just can't seem to wrap their heads around these games and always just use the worst reasoning for not liking them.

Also I could be wrong but I believe Gamesradar gave it a 4.5/5 yet called it a "masterpiece". Games media ladies and gents.

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Isn't it sort of counter productive to put the password out there so anybody could see it?

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The defensive arguments of the fanboys who, despite the game having shortcomings, will claim is the best game ever. But seriously, i would say the bosses cause the rest of the game looks really shallow from what i've seen this week end on twitch.

I've literally seen fanboys defend the long loading times and claim it makes the game more immersive. I'm pretty sure Souls fanboys are the worst.

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So what can you start with class/weapon wise?

Also those load times sound super lame. :-/

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It's a good game, with great gameplay.

But you're going to have to overlook crazy fucked up motion blur, bad textures and an overall average to mediocre story. For me, that's not a problem, but this is by no means a game which has been done totally right.

Speaking of the story, there are a couple of high notes which are very impressive. It's weirdly jarring when the story suddenly becomes really good for a little bit, then suddenly reverts back to mediocrity. This had a lot of potential.

Do not get it for the FF15 demo. After finishing that, my mild enthusiasm for FF15 has gone away.

DO get it for the FFXV demo because it's fucking rad.

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If they were to do it they'd have to haul ass to get it done. None of them are remotely close to being able to do so. I imagine they'll borrow someone from Gamespot who's played it more and use said person on the Quick Look.

I would prefer a community one as well though. Could be an interesting idea in general too, for some of those games that fall through the cracks.

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This is great to know, thanks! I booted up the demo this evening and was really quite enjoying it, but the camera and tracking enemies was bumming me out.

Combat is quite fun (which I was pleased to find, because I really wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not), though in a tough fight with a herd of Snuffleupaguses (that some magitek troops soon joined too) where I found myself regularly losing all of my HP I wasn't super huge on the whole down state thing (though it's nice that you're not just immediately KOed).

I'm also not sure on how easily your MP depletes and then having to wait for it to recharge. Finding cover could also be kind of annoying depending on where I was and at that point I wasn't really enjoying the process of stumbling around and crouching behind something. Hopefully I'll get better at managing that stuff?

In regards to HP basically think of the White bar almost like a shield in Halo. When that gets depleted your red bar getting emptied is what will actually KO you. If you continue to take hits, without the white bar, you actual max HP will drop until you either use a potion, a body helps you out, or you wait it out. Don't worry though this isn't some Souls game thing. Your max HP will be restored when you rest at a camp or trailer.

As for MP, obviously it gets better with management the more you level, since you have more MP. If you put the Blood Sword in the Barrage slot, however, you'll get MP back for a majority of your attacks which is super helpful. You won't do as much damage as you would if you had the Zwei there, for example, but I'm fine with the tradeoff of less damage, but being able to use Skills more.