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All for it. He still pops in my head randomly. Miss that guy.

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@kishinfoulux: You shouldn't need to apply on the Guildwork site once you attach a XIV character to your profile. It should automatically authorize you based on your membership in the FC.

As for attaching your character, the Guildwork profile settings should have the option to attach a character and will walk you through the process. Admittedly, it has been a while since I needed to do so, so my knowledge of the process is rusty at best.

Oh ok. When I checked the recruitment page I didn't see my name on there, which is why I asked.

And I'll check again for attaching my image. Thanks.

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So two questions. I finally got around to joining the Guildwork page, but for the last step it says to apply for recruitment. When I go to that page I don't see anything that allows me to do so.

Secondly how do I get my character profile image from the Lodestone site to use on the Guildwork site?

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Any idea on platform? Either way I'm excited. Need more RPG's please.

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I've gotta make a better effort to watch that stuff, because I really enjoyed it.

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The GB guild is still very active. We have a solid international representation, so there are people on at all hours. If you decide to jump in, you can find us on the Ultros server.

If anything, the game has only improved since launch. Many of the early issues with late-game leveling have been smoothed out, and many quality-of-life improvements have been implemented. What is most encouraging is SE's commitment to adding content at regular intervals. The two previous content patches added a ton of stuff, and the third (coming July 8th) looks to add a ton more.

If you are in the market for an MMO, I could not recommend XIV more. It is a fantastic game.

Also some great new content hitting in like 2 weeks.

It's a ton of fun. Probably the only MMO I can actually stick with. Give it a shot for sure.

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@kishinfoulux: Not live, just watching a recent indie show or Japan show that either are not broadcast live or shown at absurd times.


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So, SHEETZ are saying that Josh Mathews is at tonight's Impact taping from the Hammerstein Ballroom.

You mean BROTHER Josh Mathews CAGE?

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Cyber cops can kick rocks. WNW in 40 minutes.

Usually not around Wednesdays. Is this a normal thing? Some live event on tonight or rewatching something?

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So Josh Matthews was released huh? That seems random. He did an okay job and has been there for a while. Sucks for him.

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When I quote someone for a reply the text quoted looks all weird. The screen also starts kind of shaking. As far as I can tell it only started happening recently. Any ideas on what it could be?