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OK, real talk: why don't the guys on the Powerbombcast discuss NXT...which is 500x more interesting than anything going on in the main product. Anytime its brought up, I almost feel like Jeff writes off the entire thing because its "developmental". They might as well just call the thing the "WWE Podcast" since they really don't talk about much else.

I prefer hearing about the WWE stuff because it's more interesting frankly. When it comes to NXT or New Japan there's not much to say. The wrestling is good. Cool. WWE is such a cluster, that it's way more entertaining to hear their thoughts on that.

@recspec: @sammo21: The problem I have with the Powerbombcast is how much Jeff dominates discussion, but he watches the least amount of wrestling. And then he declares stuff like "wrestling is bad" when Raw sucks. And then he watches parts of a few episodes of Lucha Underground and says, "I think the production stuff is interesting."

I don't need, or want him to like stuff he doesn't like, but he is basically at the equivalent point of saying all of gaming is bad because Call of Duty isn't a good game, but Limbo looked cool, so there's that. I don't mind that they spend 85% of their time talking about main roster WWE. Even though I fucking hate it, it's what dominates most of my wrestling brain space as well. But as I said, I do hate that when they do talk about other stuff, it gets written off almost right away by half the crew as something to ignore.

Jeff is the best part of that podcast, even on topics I don't agree with him on (Brock and Bo are good examples).

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It's too soon. Hell I think music games of that type are over period honestly. On top of that both Rock Band AND Guitar Hero will be out this year. It already feels like too much. Some things die for a reason and should remain dead. Car combat games are a great example of this. They had their time, some tried to bring it back and it just doesn't work anymore. Same here.

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I want to play a game and not spend half of my time in menus. One of the many reasons this game is awful. Having to go in to eat, mess with my backpack, change camo, etc. is a fucking chore.

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Expectations have come along way since the first Uncharted. A lot of people aren't interested in inoffensive mediocrity for the sake of pretty graphics these days.

Which is exactly what Uncharted is oddly enough.

Honestly it's because games media blows everything out of proportion. Seems like something you rent for a day or two or pick up for dirt cheap.

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This game is vaporware. I'm convinced it doesn't exist. We've seen more of Last Guardian then this and that's saying something.

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This is why you ignore reviews period.

Also From has to take blame here as well. They want to make their game purposely obtuse that's all fine and good, but they can't bitch if reviewers find it difficult and spread misinformation.

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Literally gonna get it for the demo only. Me liking the game will just be a bonus.

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Pirate Warriors 3 I'm pretty sure is confirmed for a May release, unless something has changed.

The time of the big "AAA" titles is about over. Indie and smaller team games is going to be the main stuff while the big publishers will continue to try to gain traction in the mobile arena. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It's kind of like the 80's and 90's all over again. A whole bunch of smaller teams doing lots of neat things. We'll just have to live with the absence of $100 Million + titles.

AAA games aren't going anywhere anytime soon. There might be less, but they will always be around and I'm thankful for that, because a gaming landscape with just indie crap sounds awful to me.

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I'd prefer this be posted on this site so I'll wait for that.

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You should be thankful of him because if it weren't for him and is wacky ideas we wouldn't have half the new premium stuff we have now. Seriously he's been a treasure trove of content since coming on board.