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I feel like everyone and their mother called this or Polygon.

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You mean the arguments for Jazzpunk were bad right? Destiny absolutely belonged on the list and should've been higher (come at me).

I have to say super disappointed how NO ONE (save for a weak attempt by Alex) put up any fight Bayonetta 2 to actually win the top spot. I was expecting a knockdown, drag out fight and it was just a whimper. None of them had a negative thing to say about Bayonetta 2, while I've heard so many criticisms of Mordor...and yet the latter won easily. That just blows my mind. All I kept hearing is "Bayonetta is teh incrediblez u gaiz". So fucking anti climatic.

"Bayonetta 2 is just more Bayonetta". Meanwhile Mordor is MORE ASSASSIN'S CREED/BATMAN COMBAT. To make it even more contradictory/hilarious in the Worst Trend category Ubisoft style games was one of the top three voted worst things. mind was spinning listening to this.

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So the english broadcast is going to be Jan. 4th at 8pm EST? Am I getting that right? I thought it was Saturday for some reason.

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Does anyone else feel that Bryan's announcement was a waste? I understand they want to build hype for the Royal Rumble, especially now that's is only a 30 man rumble, but seeing Bryan burst out of the tunnel as a surprise entrant would have been amazing. Remember when Cena returned months early from injury and the place went nuts? Bryan coming out, after months of silence and career ending speculation, would have been huge.

You could even have him and Reigns end up as the last two, sparking a possible rivalry after Wrestlemania once Brock leaves.

Or is this too much forethought for the WWE?

I agree completely. Imagine it's number 30 and Bryan comes out. The place would explode, and would also be sort of a nod to last year when it was Rey and people were angry as hell. That segment was pointless, because they foreshadowed all night he wouldn't retire. Now Barrett is back too. What possible surprises could be left?

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He also probably liked Skyrim more, which tells me all I need to know about his thoughts on the Witcher.

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Just had a sad thought...when Brock goes does Heyman go with him? He's really only there for Brock. He needs to stick around somehow, but I doubt it.

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Dan gets a lot of the love, but Jason has been pretty damn great as well. Both were fantastic this year.

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*continues to play FFXIV or other PC games*

You were saying?

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@cmblasko said:

Does PSN work yet? I just want to play my new PS4 :(

Damn you great lizard uprising of 2352!

I was just on the PSN page looking at something and it's up unlike the other day so I dunno if that's any indication or not.

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Podcacts first then the video. I can't imagine doing it the other way around. That's basically like reading spoilers first and then going back to watch the movie/show.