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Cyber cops can kick rocks. WNW in 40 minutes.

Usually not around Wednesdays. Is this a normal thing? Some live event on tonight or rewatching something?

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So Josh Matthews was released huh? That seems random. He did an okay job and has been there for a while. Sucks for him.

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When I quote someone for a reply the text quoted looks all weird. The screen also starts kind of shaking. As far as I can tell it only started happening recently. Any ideas on what it could be?

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@excast: What else happened?

Well, there was also Elizabeth Simins making remarks about the makeup of the Giantbomb podcast panels and then almost immediately starting a movement to boycott panels that don't meet some arbitrary quota of women.

Oh god don't even bring her up.

Anyways it's cool people applied, but I think it was really wishful thinking that a community person would get the job.

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Feels like things are starting to pick up again. The Shield are solo and doing it big on their own. Cena/Wyatt is finally over (I think). Cena will probably win the belt, but Rollins/Ambrose will win the briefcase and that's exciting. Bo Dallas is character of forever. Starting to get hype again. Of course the upcoming PPV can kill that momentum dead pretty easily. Here's hoping they deliver.

BTW there's some Japan show or something tomorrow? I might actually take off of work, so I'd actually be able to watch. They always sound really neat, even though I mostly know the people by name and not much else.

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@baillie said:
  • Bombcast
  • Steve Austin Show
  • Ricky Gervais Show
  • LOST Rewatch
  • Breaking Bad Podcast (Will go back when I rewatch it again)

Swig of beer for the working man.

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Not Ganon/Zant. No fucks given.

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I commend you for keeping a open mind about this game but I respectfully disagree with you completely. If you like the old games especially Undisputed 3 you should not even attempt to play this. At least those games had a logical control scheme that worked. Punches had impact and the counter system was worthwhile and useful. I bought a PS4 specifically for this game and am so glad I rented it after playing the demo. In fact I have to give EA praise for even releasing a demo which to me exposed the faults of this game instantly. It made me cancel a pre-order and instead I rented it from gamefly just to give it a serious chance. After playing it for a couple days it went right back into the mail. Maybe EA will get it right next time.

Don't get why people keep saying this. The control scheme is super similar. Also the submission system in the THQ systems was straight garbage.

Impact is also pretty much the same. I really don't understand the weird negativity, with this game. Maybe it's just typical EA bashing? I have no clue. It's not perfect no, but for the first go around it's a good attempt.

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Okay one just popped in my head and I can't remember for the life of me. Pretty certain it was a DS JRPG. I remember a trailer for it and it had something to do with a giant or like living on one (I guess sort of like Xenoblade). I want to say it was a Square game, but could be wrong. Thought maybe Bahamut or some other Final Fantasy term was in title, but again I'm uncertain. I'm trying to see if I can find a trailer on Youtube, but nothing so far.


This always happens. I ask a question and find the answer like a minute later. >_>

Anyways it was called "Blood of Bahamut". Looks like it never made it over here. I remember seeing that trailer and getting pretty hype for it.