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NBC News is reporting that explosive material and pressure cookers were recovered at the scene in Watertown. (items that were used in the Boston marathon bombing)

This could be incorrect, but they seem pretty confident in their source. Plus, locals appear to be confirming this, as well.

News is coming a little fast at this point. So, maybe we should slow down a tad on updates like this.

Are you watching on TV or a stream? If a stream you have a link?

And yeah I'm just getting super confused at this point. So much info coming in and a lot of it is probably false.

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I've lost track of everything. So the nude guy wasn't the right guy? One of them is dead now?

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@turboman said:

people are saying the first custody has died of injuries. He looked fine when they took him in to custody (In the picture above)

The one that they stripped naked? So far only one is absolutely confirmed in custody. The other is supposedly being chased as we speak.

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BPD scanner has identified the names : Suspect 1: Mike Mulugeta Suspect 2: Sunil Tripathi

Just got that off Twitter. Supposedly one is one of the alleged bombers. The rate at which the news is pouring in on Twitter is astounding. It also causes problems however. So many rumors and much misinformation spreads quickly. It's very much a double edged sword.

Video of someone filming the firefight. Crazy.

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@aegon said:

What's with IGN getting these kinds of exclusives lately?

Forking out the cash so they can have the exclusive for all of an hour before the other sites are allowed to post about it.

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Zelda artstyle is horrible. Why couldn't they just use sprites like the original LTTP?

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Now let's see everyone put their money where their mouth is. Half the people bitching won't even buy it.

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Telltale's Jurassic Park.

Isn't that like...bad or something?

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@kishinfoulux: I have had trouble finding a game like it too. Try Dreamfall.

There's two right? I remember playing one on the original Xbox.

Fahrenheit is pretty similar.


Came across these two games Still Life and Still Life 2. Are those any good? The premise sounds neat enough.

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Specifically some kind of murder mystery/thriller adventure/point and click game or something along those lines. The obvious suggestion is Heavy Rain, since it's made from the same guys but I've beaten that already. Preferably more recent games, though I'm guessing there aren't too many.