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PSN ID: kist84

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Games: Fifa 14, BF4, UFC, Destiny, AC:IV, NBA 2k14, ps+ stuff

Feel free to add me :)

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This all makes me angry, no common sense around these days

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PSN ID: kist84

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time

Games at Launch: Fifa 14, BF4, ps+ stuff

Xmas: AC:IV , NBA 2k14

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Can't wait to hear more on what you guys think, looking forward to more GB coverage of the PS4 :)

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Oh My God!!! i cannot believe this... im in shock... truly this leaves me deeply saddened . my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends... RIP Ryan, you brought so much fun and good memories to so many, you will be missed hugely :(

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Thanks for writing this piece, great insight into something i've never really thought about, and has made me think about the topic.

I hope things progress for you in the best way

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I don't think it will be Skyrim. Has anyone from the Bombcast actually played that game this year?! it wont be Saint Row 3 either because no one has played that this year...

This Award is for games that came out the previous year but they have been playing and having most fun with this year! So if they ain't played it this year then it ain't even relevant!

I'm assuming it might come down to Brad and his back log of games he seems to get round to playing a year after release. I've not herd them talking about many games released last year that they've been playing. From what I've seen suggested here so far I would say maybe Super Mario 3-D land, as I've herd them talk about how great they thought that game was.

I wouldn't be surprised if they scrap the award this year if there aren't any strong contenders from the crew.

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A lot of kickstarter these days

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At first I was skeptical but I believe you all want the same as us (the fans) do, and can't wait to see what happens from here onwards. Congratz to all you guys