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TwoOneFive said:
dude...shut the fuck up. "
Why? "ZOMG This is game is the end all be all, it made my dreams come true" you want that? sorry go somewhere else if you cant take the truth. 
Get the Fuck of my blog
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awesome cant wait.

This game is starving for content
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get2sammyb said:
"samcotts said:
"KiwiJuIce, are you always this vile?"
I've never seen a post by him before but I'm going to assume so.

Mr. Kiwi, you did defend the controls but you then described them as floaty. They are not floaty, they are heavy. If you're well versed in burst fire then you should get the accuracy you seem to require.

I have no other reason to discuss this with you. Don't try to pretend I was the one who got my knickers in a twist over a difference of opinion. Your post clearly suggests otherwise.

Enjoy Resistance 2, it's a great game. I can tell Killzone 2 will have a helluva lot more depth even from the 7 minutes I played of it. But that still takes nothing away from Resistance being an excellent game."
Seeing as youre the one who came into my blog trying to defend a game that means the worlds to you, and started giving me lessons on burst firing and the "zomg how realizm is affecting teh controls" maybe you should stop going around a message board making sure no one has anything negative to say about the game youre so emotionally invested in and take lessons in accepting the difference in opinions. 
wow, look what im asking some brainwashed kid to see the flaws on the game he's been waiting since he saw that fake trailer at e3....LMAO. like thats gonna happen.  Floaty controls? youd be arguing this is the best thing since slice bread even if the game gave you herpes.  Youre the kinda people Adam Sesslar was warning others about. Disgrace.

And NOW youre trying to bring up how Killzone is better than Resistance?? and what qualifies you to say that? a 5 min demo? LMAO!!! so much for logical conversations.  Go back to your thread, over there people will circle jerk with you around the game.  If youre going to comment on someone else blog, keep your sonyslave koolaid to yourself.  

life lesson, thats what happens when you reply to a guy whose sad enough to make a "hype" thread, you waste 10 mins of your life. oh,LMAO!! and giving yourself +1s and wont make the Floaty controls any better.  now i know why people on Gaf were shitting on giantbomb's community.
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get2sammyb said:
"Ok, I don't want to look like the Killzone "anti-negative" brigade seeing as I'm obviously the one you refer to ("morons who make 'hype' threads") 
I didnt even look at who made the thread. just saw a few post in it where people were doing the exact thing you described at the end of your post,  whether you deny it or not its your problem.  As i am sure im not gonna change someones opinion (especially the kinda person who makes....LMAO....."hype threads") 
Sorry if you have emotional investment in a videogame, but i dont, so i cant just gloss over the flaws of this game like you do.  if that offends you, sorry.

get2sammyb said:
"Ok, I don't want to look like the Killzone "anti-negative" brigade seeing as I'm obviously the one you refer to ("morons who make 'hype' threads") but I just cannot stand to see someone say this game is floaty. What!? It's like anti-floaty. You shoot your gun and it recoils all over the place hence it's not "tight". That's because the gun is juddering in his hands so you have to control your bursts. The gun feels heavy, the movement feels heavy, it's all meant to feel like you're a dude kitted out with armour with a powerful rifle in your hands. I suggest you play with the control settings if you wish to correct this.
what are you crying about over here? i am the one who actually defended the controls.  if you stop foaming your mouth for a second and read, I said some people are bashing the games controls because they're not like COD4/Resistance etc.  You cannot snap to a target and have fast paced shoot outs.  it drags a bit and isnt tight like the shooter i mentioned. The game is slower and you get used it to after awhile. i dont have any problems with the controls.

And i know what burst fire is, please keep your "teh OMG realism jittering hands soooo intense realz" garbage you pulled up to defend the game for later use (and for a person that actually says the controls are Bad, theres gonna be quite a few) because as i said i dont have problems with how it controls. it just takes getting used to.

get2sammyb said:
Out of interest how can you tell that the "CoD4 like set pieces" are gone when... well... it's a 5-10 minute demo? And even in that time you got to blow up a bridge and got ambushed by a ton of Helghast.
Again, please read.  the "cod4 like set pieces" were gone BECAUSE I WAS IN A Fucking Warehouse for the half of the demo.  Thats how i could tell how those scenes were gone, because there were 4 dark walls surrounding me and blocking those scenes from happening.

My concern for the game is, usually devs take the best part of the game and put it in a demo, and if in a 5-10 min demo half of it takes place in a Warehouse..........there will be SAD things to come.

i played through it 3 times already, initial, pistol playthrough to test how dumb the AI is and the third was just exploration. i dont have to play through it the 4th time. just dont have the patience to run through a garrage again. 3 was enough. 

Sorry i offended you. dont let other peoples opinions hurt your feelings. bye mate. Im off to play some Resistance2

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so many demos in just one day

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Kinda dissapointed. Guess i let the Hype of MORON fanboys who make SHIT like "hype threads" get to me.

horrible choice of sections. they couldve picked a better part of the game to show off. (remember, a demo is there to get you excited about the game and to sell it to the people who dont know much about the game) cant really do that with a dull warehouse thats like 5 mins long.........

the starting was great (with the beach landing and what not), and the part where you get to blow up the bridge was great too. it was building up and it felt like the game was leading you into this Intense scene and the climax was around the corner...................

 ................and then you enter this Fucking horrible indoor warehouse garbage and drizzle through a buncha generic thugs that have Shit for brains.  in the second play through i just used the pistol and bashed them with the butt of my gun.  Gone are the awesome COD4 like Set pieces, the open areas, the "part of a bigger war" feel, and the Last bit of color was sucked off as well .........and right when youre like, awesome, im gonna get to go outside again, the games gonna get much better now,  the fucking thing 

im skeptical about the game now. if most of the game is full of these horrible dark indoor environments, that looks like a page out Fear (with dumber AI) im gonna fall asleep mid game. hope Online is Half Decent, or else i know i will be trading this in.

Btw, some people over at Gaf, GS and what not are complaining about how the controls are Bad. They're not "Bad", its just Floaty. its not as tight as something like Gears or COD or even Resistance. It takes a bit of getting used, but nothing major
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Peter Moluneux's Next Game

and Bungie's new game? Itagaki's project? DOA: code cronus? 
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Multiplatform as in 360/PC

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cool. Bad company was awesome

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