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@DaveC524 said:

Why use the word "whore" Patrick? Phh... misogynistic male privilege.

Really inappropriate for a front page headline, at least to anyone not knowing what the article is about. Felt insulting.

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@digitalsea87: It was actually a follow up on a comment I left on a previous article, not meant for anyone to get upset about.

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The first four paragraphs were entirely irrelevant, and again only about you, but thanks for posting some actual details about the game.

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@John1912: They did those exact charges to my account too.

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My account was hacked too, a couple of weeks ago. They bought 10,000 points. Luckily I got the emails on my phone so I could call Microsoft right away.

I wonder if they were going to buy Fifa crap. This is alarming.

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This article got me pretty excited about the game. Thank you sir.

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the only thing this article was about was you. not even a question thrown in to invite members to chat about it.

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Honest, relevant articles (and reviews, videos, etc.)  like this are shining examples of why this site feels friendly and why the staff is so highly respected by fans.

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Congratulations, welcome, thank you.

A vote for all of the methods mentioned, although text based is the most workplace-ideal.
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