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FC: 5155-2930-1156

I'll add everyone on the table so far.

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My username is ashura_k.
Your quick look convinced me to buy the game right away!
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I haven't really checked out a games section at a store in a while; I've been taking care of all my gaming needs on Amazon. In the past, however, I've found that the local Best Buy hardly ever had what I was looking for, as they'd always be out of stock. 
As for the future of the DS, personally I feel like I'm pretty much done with it, and I'm looking forward to what the 3DS has in store. Although I would like to check out Picross 3D and the latest Professor Layton before I completely move on from my beloved DS lite. Now having said that I do hope the DS continues to get support for at least the next year or so, since I recently bought DSi's for my niece and nephew for Christmas lol. I'm worried they're going to see the 3DS somewhere, then look at their DSi's with disgust and proceed to nag for the latest tech. Oh well, too bad for them!