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For my project I aim to test my game development skills by making a game with a genre/ style that I've never attempted making before. I call it a "Exploring" game. I many games that are more "open worlded" some players love to explore, collecting collectables and experience things, I wish to make my game based around that.

In the game you're basically a character walking around collecting, discovering things and land marks in a overworld. It will be a 2d game with a bird view camera and I aim to make it playable on the internet using flash.

My target audience is everyone as the game is rather uncomplicated in that it won't have a main plot or a main baddie to fight. It all about going around exploring.

That is to say, while is not decided yet I might include some wild life or natural hazards to make it a little more intense or exciting, though the penalty would not be big and the main character never dies.

I'll make ther game from the start as the main objective is to make something I have little development experince in. My main focus is on the gameplay to showcase my ideas.

The engine I'll be using is a legal copy of Multimedia Fusion 2, a powerful 2d tool that are used by professional developers.


MC concept art

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Made som concept art and graphics for the game, though the visuals won't matter too much for my project, so I'm not too concerned about them at the moment.

The game screen size I've choosen to set it to is 640x480 so I'm sure it is playable on a internet browser. Also some animations are made which includes searching, joy and "got item".

For now I want to make a small little area/map to play in and create the main coding and eventually flesh out the details after that. Music and sounds are most likely at this point be copyrighted material, credited and used fairly for student work.


Some ideas:

- There are collectables in form of fruit, shells and other things like that to collect to your collection.

- Events, persons and landmarks are added to your Journey/Diary.

- If this game should be a hit, I'll make it so it is easy to add new areas to explore.

- Some events appear at random. So they players are not always quite sure if they have seen it all or are pleasently suprised.

- I'm also thinking about online play, but for the moment that is way of.

- Your house will act as a collection room.

- Some events requires a specific item, for example to make a bunny come out, use carrots.


Player actions:

Walk around with arrow keys (or other setup), and point and click to inetract, (some you would have to be close up to)

Collectables/ character concepts
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I find it hard to put down. Short yes, but I find enough value and improvement worth buying this game. Specially on the go.

The voices are re-recorded by the way, but they actually got most of the original actors back and they does a very good job, it didn't take me long getting used to them.

(Btw, 1400 points on 3ds mode, beat that, people. >:) )

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@ZeekDaGeek said:

Am I the only one who was waiting for them to go into a door, and then come out on the other side and it was redrawn sprites, better colors and the music ramping up... Nope, instead it's just old roms...

If that is what you want, get Kirby's Fun Pack or the Ultra Version. 
This is for people who want to play the GB classic.
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This version don't got shit on the Wii version.

But I give it plus points for drowning in grass.

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Call me old-school, but I really love 16-32 bit visuals, 16-bit forever.

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@thebigJ_A said:

I demand to know who buys this garbage. They must be stopped!!

Ah, but that would be a mistake because of two reasons:

First: This sells, a lot, so clearly some people like this, why can't they have a good time?

Second: If you gamers wants your uber HD 100+ hours AAA titles, be prepared to share the console with some casual gamers, otherwise we might as well go back to N64 tech again so it will be worth it for developers.

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@DefaultProphet said:

All Nintendo does is milk.

Meh, In a way maybe. But you know, Nintendo owns a lot of popular franchises and most of them only appears 1-2 times each console, sometimes with whole new concept, artstyle etc. They also have at least one new ip each gen.

I would say there is far worse milkers out there.

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I would question Nintendo's sense of business if they went drastic more powerful with the WiiU.
No I think they found the sweet spot for them and other devs. Slightly more powerful than PS3 it seems.
I don't know what the other two are planning, but I don't quite see why they would make that big of a jump in awhile, shit is expensive, son. And even if they did, the generation jumps are more unclear now than before.

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@ProfessorEss said:

Man I bet it's frustrating for Sony, Microsoft and all the developers and publishers to watch Nintendo get praised for these kinds of moves over and over again while they sift through endless complaints about milking and cash-grabbing. 

Compared to most devs, NIntendo don't milk much at all. I also don't see the other devs have balls to turn one of their popular characters into yarn or a wolf etc.
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@Liquidus: You get the Warp Song right after the Master Sword. :3