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@Kjellm87: It's reporting, but there's no pretense of impartiality. If the people writing the articles think Nintendo is doing stupid thing after stupid thing, then they're going to say it. If you really have a hard time hearing people say "Man, that's really dumb, Nintendo", then you have bigger problems than that.

Um,sure. But I think it gets out of hands at times.

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Mission accomplished, Patrick. The news will get site-hits.

I want to like this site, it has good content. But man is it a painful site to be a Nintendo fan on. On more Nintendo related sites the news goes up and down like every normal company, here it just seems like doom and gloom. Tiresome.

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I think people overreact, as usual.

* Is there a marked for this thing?: If it is for Monster Hunter, I would say so.

* Is it greedy of Nintendo / Capcom?: Some would say yes, but those people should know that console marked is the some of the most brutal marked there is, and it ain't getting easier-

* Should the 3DS get a redesign or is it doomed?: No, after the price drop it sold very well and stock increased 10%. It sells now like the DS sold early on, and 1st party stuff have yet to arrive the next months.

* Should the 3DS have a second stick?: Wouldn't hurt, but in return it have the touch screen.

* Will phone gaming take over?: It has the potential, but if those developers turn their phone into a handheld, then what is the point? It's a great alternative for simpler games and smaller developers, good stuff.

Also a funny idea, could this thing become a WII-U controller?

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I'd love for Nintendo to just be a 3rd party developer.

Sorry, but that would suck.

If Nintendo goes 3rd party, we are the losers.

And wtf, Nintendo did good this gen, but they should not be allowed to make a console just because they have a different way of thinking than the others that don't even have games as their main focus? That is kinda....

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I knew the Wii was over when Claude said he was out. Forgot declining sales and all that shit, Claude's word was the final nail in that coffin.

I've been yearning for some Wii, but Skyward Sword seems to be it.

But there again, there's quite a few I haven't played. Booty call maybe.

Don't forget Kirby and Rhythm heaven Wii too.

Personally I will get Mario Party 9 and maybe those RPGs that haven't made it NA yet.

Oh and Fortune Street, seems kinda fun.

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@Kjellm87: You say that Nintendo is focused on making games, but ps3 and xbox software lineup is clearly more robust... Nintendo is confused... I don't think they're sure what they're focused on...

Everyone would be my guess, which would be the most logical unless you sell TVs on the side.

They could go pure casual this gen you know, but they still produced games like Mario Galaxy which is too difficult for casual games. They way I see it, Wii-U is a attempt to reach out to more people that might have not have been pleased with the Wii, which is about as good as it gets in this day and age.

Also I don't expect Wii-U to be as successful, but neither was PS3 to PS2 and they seem to do fine.

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I always wanted, but then I joined a forum....

I kinda regret it sometimes.

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Aria of Sorrow, Castlevania 4 and Castlevania 64 ( yeah, I'm serious. It's awesome.)

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Well it is not Nintendo had much choice with the Wii either, if the gaming industry is still young as some of you claim, well then you better wish the more-casual gamers welcome, alternative is slowing down the tech jumping.

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Sure, you're allowed to be disappointed about the WII, but I think you're a little extreme.

I mean, Nintendo are one of the most experienced developers and as you said makes games that are good enough for Brad to throw out 5 stars 12 years later. They are also responsible for many things that are standard today ( Joystick, rumble and I don't think motion can be considered a fad anymore.) So most of the time people take ideas FROM Nintendo.

Nintendo was in the tech race up to the Wii where they wanted to try something else since the most powerful console don't always win proven by the PS2.

But enough about that, I think Nintendo did awesome work the Wii games, but porting to Wii was tricky for 3rd party of course, but overall it helped Nintendo become the second richest company in Japan and now Iwata has made statements on what the Wii was lacking.

Wii-U is gonna be somewhat of a beast apparently, I'm excited but kinda worried too. This gen has told me one thing: As games gets more expensive to make, developers becomes greedy.


Nintendo make games, their consoles are focused on that. That means more it is more affordable for both costumer and Nintendo.

DVD is possible, but licensing it cost money. Right now it isn't worth it. Wii-U are gonna use their own format which apparently is pretty huge.

Nintendo did consider CD, Playstation was actually made for Nintendo, but one of the parts wanted unreasonable amount of the profit. ( I was told Sony, but don't quote me on that ) So Nintendo changed to Philips. ( Which resulted in classics like Hotel Mario)

People who have tried the table controller says it is comfortable and it makes a more traditional controller for devs who don't have a good use for the motion.

To early to speak about online on Wii-U.