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Seem like a mix of Mario Galaxy and Mario 3, so needless to say: I'm hyped.

Latest news about it: Tanooki Suit won't be the only suit to make a return.

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The phone has potential to take over the handhelds, but I have my doubts.

The phone is popular because everyone have one, put a game like Pokemon B and W for the same price on it and it wouldn't be downloaded more than it sold on the DS. ( Which was 1 million in NA day one, btw)

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Well duh.

Don't get me wrong, GB is a good site. But this site won't be my main source for Nintendo news anytime soon.

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@badwhodo said:

it did. I own one. crazy gimmick machine! anyway... I should have elaborated more. How far will the gimmick of the WiiU go since the console can only support one tablet?

Reggie and Iwata said 2, while Miyamoto said one. Soooo I dunno lol. It is best to wait and see on that one.

I should also mention that Iwata just said that the Wii-U was indeed revealed early thanks to leaks, of course he might be lying, but it does makes sense.

BTW: I don't think motion was a bad addition to gaming, but there is room for improvement. On the Wii, Nintendo used it well for their games.

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Nah, the new controller looks promising, best of two worlds if you know what I mean. Might not sell as much as Wii, but we shouldn't really expect that, that thing sold like crazy.

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Might as well post some other Wii-U news:

- Darksiders devs says they're impressed, better to develop on than PS3, on par with 360.

- Online system is added by each developer.

- Zelda in works, but don't expect it to have Twilight Princess artstyle.

- Two tablet controllers possible

- Iwata: "Yo dude, can't find a good use of the controllers?, use the buttons."

- Valve: Seems nice, would love to develop for it. Fan of Nintendo.

- Iwata: We will try avoiding a 3DS lineup, we are working hard.

- Iwata: Forced to reveal Wii-U too early thanks to leaks.

- Playing games on modified blueray disk. (Rumor: 25GB )

- Iwata: Might be expensive to produce.

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The Kirby games have always had some good boss themes:

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Mother 3 got me at the final boss. I didn't see it coming.

What a great game.

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@MB said:

I blame Jeff for my Wii purchase. We were at Best Buy buying a game, and they had a bunch of Wii's there...I vaguely remembered wanting a Wii at some point, so I picked it up as an impulse buy. Played Wii Sports for half an hour on it and it's sat gathering dust ever since. Jeff, you owe me $250 and a Rockstar Punched, dude.

But that begs the question, did you get more games for it? I mean, during GOTY 2010 I got the impression Jeff didn't even know what SMG 2 was like, a game that is now high up on the Metacritic.