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All right: 1246-8707-7841, I'll add people in this thread later.
I have Street Fighter but I ...er.... have to train a little more first.

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@samusaran253: I'm pretty sure someone is aware. To my understanding the pre-ordering skyrocket.
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I haven't played much Pilotvings yet, but my brother is on a weekend visit and have barely putted that game down.

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@normalpants said:
" @krystians said:
"I bought one and love it. Ya the games are not the greatest, I got Pilotwings, but the purchase has not left me with no regret. LOVE IT!!!! "
So you love it but you also regret it? That pretty much sums exactly how mixed I am on this whole 3DS launch in the first place.  The littlest thing could convince me to go out and buy one yet I'm utterly certain that is a horrible idea and I will surely regret it.   "
All new consoles is scary, that is how it always goes.
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So I finally got it and played some Pilowings and Street Fighter.
 To keep my comment short, I like it. 
What suprised me most is that the 3DS is smaller than the DS Lite. It seemed so big on the commercials.

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No one here, but I put up a poster of Mario Galaxy 2 at my parents home for lols.
They haven't taken it down yet as far as I know.

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Norway,  climbing mountains.

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that dog don't look too happy about it though.

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You'll get mine early next week hopefully.

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 "I hear someone wants to cancel their membership..."