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Yeah I see your points, but I feel it will be fine. 
The Wii was a difficult console for developers beside Nintendo to make expensive games for , it required some risk. 
I don't think 3DS will have that problem.
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@el_tajij:  DS' launch games was worse, and the 3D is optional. The machine itself is more powerful
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 Nintendo has always been gimmicky, but it is in this time and age their crazy ideas actually works, when used right motion controls works, as seen in Galaxy.
Besides 3D is just a selling point, the 3ds is a more powerful machine than DS..
I can agree on them making more new characters, new IPs is made I guess but never become as popular.
Then again I always welcome a new Mario game, 
because I know when Mario is involved Nintendo can't aford to mess around.
What Wii has been lacking is good 3rd party support, which I hope will not be the case with 3DS, Ds did well on that I think.

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@Skytylz: It picks up a little, but that game try to be little too much like Ocarina sadly, unlike Windwaker were you suddenly had to sail.
As I understand it the theme in the new one is living in the Sky or something, maybe using airships. :)
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@Skytylz: Yeah, the odd prices can be annoying, I assume it is because it still sells.      
                New Zelda looks sweet though, it was a quick trailer from it shown at GDC and it showed some clever use of the motions controls, hopefully it will work well.
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I see,
 well I don't know what games you like, but if you're into platformers Donkey Kong returns is also a pretty safe bet.
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I've actually been looking forward to this one, seems really fun.

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Mysterious banner,
maybe from someone they meet on Pax or something.

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@Skytylz: How about Galaxy 1?
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Scary rabbit