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@TooWalrus said:

Was Super Paper Mario any good? I never got around to playing it.

Not the best PM, but a good game by normal standards. Simple, yet deep action RPG.

Also since you're forum user I'm sure you will love the main boss in world 3.

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Metroid Zero, now THAT was a perfect remake.

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Smash Bros

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One of my favorite games this gen, maybe all time fav, happens to be one.

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@TurboMan said:

@bonorbitz: so when their big announcement for the WiiU was Smash Bros.... I got super angry.

I sure didn't. :D

Time to visit the Dojo again.

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@Osaladin said:

I think this is a pretty lazy move by Nintendo. I mean how hard can it be to put something in there that can play DVDs?

I'm not a expert, but it cost money and as Iwata said, it doesn't really matter all that much. Blue-ray is too hard, owned by Sony or something.
  If rumors are right it will use a modified blue-ray made by Nintendo to run the games. 
There is also people like me that is not a big fan of the idea that newer gaming consoles should do so much more than just, you known, play games. Its a waste.
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@Claude said:

I like to play video games.

This, I never understood why it have to be a media-machine, when I buy a console I want to to play goddam games.
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Not a problem.

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I'm fine with that. Focus on the game part, Nintendo, that's why I love ya.