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I tried Excel, actually. The web app, anyway. I use it for some things, but I like that OneNote (and Evernote) lets you make checklists. I think Excel does too, but not the web app (or I haven't found a way); I don't use Excel enough to pay for it. Anyway, using spread sheets for videogames seems like a whole new level I'm not willing to venture in to.

Ultimately though, it's all tedious because I have to find information like release dates manually, when being able to access GiantBomb's database would be so much better. ...is there a way to tie GiantBomb's (or any database, like Moby Games') to something like OneNote, Evernote, or Excel?

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@slag: Not only have I slowed down, I've sold much of my collection on eBay! But I dunno, really like it when a game takes me by surprise and grabs a hold of me. Unfortunately, I'm pretty susceptible to that, but I've also started to worry less about completing games if they're not holding my interest.

And yeah, GiantBomb has been a great resource. Even Patick's "Worth Reading" feature points to some interesting stuff.

So what do you think you've slowed your acquisitions down to? 1 or 2 games a month? I've gotta say, my Playstation Plus account has done a hell of a job of adding at least one game a month to my back catalogue.

@awesomeusername: Hahah. Well, I usually like to share my pizza with pretty girls, but yeah man, I'm down. Unfortunately, I hear the average bank robber only brings in about $10K per heist!

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@dgt: Oh, yeah, I'm working on cataloging everything. Next, I'm working on a list of PSP and GBA games. Portable games are nice because they're often ports, and I can play them on my commute. After that, I'm going to gather a list of NES, SNES, and Genesis era games. At some point, I'll get to some PC stuff too. I've realized that since so many games are digital now (including retro games), it makes it much harder to keep track of what I've played and have.

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Oh, man, Patrick, I hope your posts aren't endorsements. That reply to the Damsels in Distress video was bad.

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I know Brad's got a large back catalogue of games he's been trying to get through! Sounds like that man's letting that DOTA thing get outta control.


That all makes sense, except I kind of only like playing videogames at night, for some reason. That, and I've been working at bars for years, so I've been staying up 'til dawn (at least on weekends), for years now. During the school year, it's kind of crazy to fit in game time...


1000+? Are you exaggerating? Jeez. And just the other day I was feeling bad because I sunk 50+ hours into FTL: Faster Than Light. It thought: "I could have really used that time to try other games..."

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It never occurred to me that someone out there would actually write a guide. Internet, I guess.

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@andorski: Except they had the Gameboy and the DS to support them. This generation, because of mobile, handhelds have less weight. Not that I'm counting Nintendo out, I still have hoped for their first party software, but if I was an investor, it's something I would take into consideration.

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This thread sucks. top to bottom. Including this post.


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@BBAlpert: Ah, yes! I forgot about that exploit. Yes, yes, don't be afraid to use this method. Though I've found the highest way to score points was to wait for a guy with a melee weapon to come at you, punch him, wait for for him to pick-up the weapon again, punch him again, and repeat.

And yeah, Crackdown was by far the hardest level to get an A+ on. Every other place was easy enough, but I couldn't do it until today. I even tried using different masks--especially the combo mask--but ended up doing it with the Richard mask and just learning to be more efficient. The difficulty I had was that the SWAT team would kill two or three guys before I had the chance to, which reduced the amount of points I could potentially score.