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Apparently the first two games are also getting a bundled retail release later this month... Which... WHAAAAT? Why? I love these two games to death but why would the spend the cash to put this into retail? I can't imagine it'll do good, even at $30 for both games and a few extras. Next, we'll hear Still Life is going to get a remake and sequel.

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Yeah, sorry... As hyped as I was, over a year after it was promised to come out and still it's a broken mess. I probably won't be playing this, even when the PS+ version finally comes out in 2017.

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O how many buzz words can we throw out in one paragraph?

On the less cynical side, we could assume the past gen versions were going to be delayed anyways and they hadn't made progress in months. On the more cynical side, they continue to use 'Next gen' as a phrase, so I'm calling this Bad Techland.

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Can't find a specific date of when this actually came out. People on the Steam forums are claiming to have been playing this for months. Can anyone confirm what the release date was or atleast when the first sighting of this game came to be? Seems to have just popped out of thin air, slowly capturing its victims, torturing them with terrible business models. Many get away to warn the others, but still more are trapped.

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I see alot of comparing framerate with 'speed of the game' which shouldn't be a comparison... if the game is coded correctly. That said, alot of games aren't (most of the NFS games, a ton of games on the Unreal 3 engine and as of late, Evil Within) and this has turned folks off from the whole '60 fps is really important' argument. Frankly, I don't care, as long as the game is acceptable and playable, I'm not gonna fuss playing at 30fps. Then again, I was also fine playing the original Crysis at 20 - 24fps, so my standards and patience might be a bit more tolerable than someone expecting certain levels of quality. Remember though, even the NES and SNES technically ran games at 60fps, but still had lag issues, not attributed to frame loss but rather frame buffering. I imagine as we move towards 2020, video technology will change dramatically once again, showing us problems we can't see with current frame rates.

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I think these were indeed done away with after the move from Whiskey to CBS. That required a really quick reworking of the site for some legal reasons (the other company that bought part of Whiskey got a fair amount of the tech) and in the interest of getting it up and running quickly some things, like quests and bounties, had to go by the wayside. Still want to bring it all back but it's always a matter of resources.

O don't even get my hopes up of quests coming back. I will be on this site for days completing them again if they ever come back. If you bring them back, I'm holding a party... a sad one man party... for a feature on a video game website... I'm a sad lonely man.

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Too soon... too soon... Though I did chuckle. But damnit! Too soon!

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If this doesn't allow you to look at your TV and 'hack' it to change the channel, I'll be very disappointed. That said, I wonder if it'll include the tablet (2nd screen) game where you chased people around in a top down helicopter and tried to stop them from racing through the city. It would work perfectly on the gamepad. Also I wonder if the drinking game will be moved to touch based, because we all loved trying to do that activity with our analog sticks.

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Nintendo has learned nothing from the Wii-U and the branding problems the company faces in the West. It's hard enough for me to swallow that my Pikachu 3DSXL (with camera nipples) is going to be outdated by another system less than 1 year after it came out, but to then call it 'New 3DS' and some games will only work with 'New 3DS'... Yeah, I'm going to have parents cursing me out next year at my store, I just know it. They really need to figure their shit out, because all of those new people that were brought into gaming with the Wii and the 3DS are going to either give up on Nintendo or give up on gaming entirely out of frustration. If you're going to change system specs, then change the name of your system. Trying to build '3DS' and 'Wii' up as evolving brands just confuses folks.