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O man that ending.

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I wish my brain would just like him already. It's like the bridges in Donkey Kong Country 2, I keep coming up, pay the toll but then something happens and it turns into a sadistic version of Papers Please where they stamp my passport to let me in but then shoot me as soon as I cross the border. I keep telling myself, 'He ain't so bad, he's a funny guy.' and then something new pops up and it's like DUDE! WHY DO YOU HATE OAK TREES? (I'm assuming this will be the next thing that he hates) He's a good guy, I just wish my brain would stop being so picky about him.

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Well on account of everything is 3D rendered (I'm fairly sure I saw a demo, once upon a time in a mystical venue, where they showed that Dota 2 could work with any camera angle, but I could totally be crazy), technically it can all be in the same engine. Would be pretty kickass to mix Counter Strike with Dota... FPS Dota, just saying... Yeah, you're probably right, that's a terrible idea.

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@cornbredx: I only remember a handful of things from EtM, but I remember an airplane hangar full of Smiths that would randomly break like something you'd see in Gary's Mod today. It was amazing fun to futz around with. I seem to remember they tried to recreate the highway scene too and that level was near impossible to play half the time. Far from a great game but still one of my favorite memories.

@corruptedevil: If you liked Path of Neo you would most likely love Enter The Matrix. PoN seemed a bit of a back step when it was released, like they were trying to shell media out just for the sake of possibly hitting gold. I like PoN, don't get me wrong, but they played it crazy safe and sadly it didn't pan out to be a great game, where as EtM they went crazy ambitious and things went hangwire in places, causing it to be hit and miss with a majority of their audience.

If you want to try playing it, I suggest trying to hunt down the PC version, while it's probably the most broken, it's also the only version that seemed to work without having to lose crazy amounts of progress. The console versions had game breaking bugs that would cause you to restart the entire game to get past.

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@notdavid: Right? The music and sound effects are kinda garbage but the machine itself is sort of beautiful, atleast to me. I would kill just to have it sitting in my living room, even turned off.

@fisk0: Meh, the other two had their place. Sure they jumped the shark big time and retconned some really weird shit. But Smith taking over the Matrix, program by program, was actually a fairly good representation of how a virus infects a system, though at a much slower rate. Not to mention Matrix Reloaded still has some of the best scripted fight scenes ever. The biggest bummer to me was when they started the whole, 'fighting in the real world, while you fight in the Matrix.' The whole robots storyline seemed dumb and tacked on. The first movie barely made mention to it and then the other two movies were almost obsessive about it. Seeing anime characters in a Matrix game though... Eh.... I think that tops those other two movies.

@davidwitten22: Yeah, I was one of the weird people who really liked it too. I loved the ideas they had behind it, showing scenes that were happening at the same time as the movie. Plus I actually found the gameplay really satisfying.

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Could be a billing issue or the renew setting got screwed up with the few hiccups the site has had. Not sure if they did any tinkering to billing when the Heartbleed shit hit the fan. From my experience it could also be your bank, sometimes they'll block a renewal request randomly if their fraud system freaks out.

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I liked 4, even though I think they toned it down waaaay too much. Read the ending of 4, it was so visceral and bloody. And the movie was so tame and bleh. Still... It holds a certain place in my heart.

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I'm cautiously optimistic about it. It looked cool at E3 but little has been shown otherwise besides the few demos at PAX. The last game was decent but not great and who knows how this one will pan out.

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Dayton, Ohio, USA

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The game, atleast from what I've seen, was a major flop on the PC. Trying to find a CTF match took upwards of 10-15 minutes at times. I'm surprised they didn't remove it from variety as most people drop out as soon as CTF somehow pops up. It's a bit of a shame, I personally love the balance of CTF right now but people are so set in their ways of just wanting to shoot people and not play objectives.