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Now that I think about it I've been playing a lot of cool ones. Path of the Exile, Dota 2, Warframe, TF2.

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PSN: Klaimore

Timezone: Mountain Time US

Launch games: Killzone Shadow Fall

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Holy crap I feel so empty right now. Life sucks sometimes.

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I just want to wake up and let all this be a bad dream. Ryan I am going to miss you.

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They win E3 I don't care that I have to pay for multiplayer I'm in.

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Amazing video! Keep making great videos like this because now you cant stop you WILL not stop!

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I have a similar issue right now I really want to play Souls Sacrafice and Dragons Dogma but meh...I just play Dota 2.

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What is the best way to level up your character? So far I have only saved souls and not sacrificed should I do both or just stick with one route?

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I wish you the best in life Dave you're an awesome person and I shall wear my udder shirt with pride!