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So I've been thinking about the 360's history and when the next system might come out and I've realized that Microsoft has had a pretty sweet set up since launch, with one big blockbuster title each holiday season.  Obviously the 360 itself was the selling piece in 05, we had Gears 1 is 06, Halo 3 in 07, and Gears 2 in 08.

It seems that Microsoft has been trading between Gears' and Halo's each fall, and with Halo 3 ODST coming out this fall it would seems like that trend is continuing.  That would lend support to the rumors that Gears 3 will ship on 360 next year (two year dev cycle, just like Gears 2).  That would leave 2011 open to speculation. 

Personally I believe that is when they will release their next system, and what could be a better launch title than the rumored Halo 4.  I've heard that it might be being developed by Gearbox (completely rumor based, no hard facts) but regardless of who makes it there will definetly be some continuation of the Halo universe as it practically prints money.  That would leave 2012 for Gears 4 potentially (check out the Carmine brother rumors for reasoning behind a 4th gears game).

While this is wild speculation it seems pretty logical and in following with Microsoft's game plan so far, and personally I can't say I'll be dissappointed.  Anyone else have any ideas or opinions?