the old gang

the former gamespot crew that went off for newwer adventures

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Posted by norton123

Jeff, so good he's on here twice lol. 

Posted by Psykhophear

I approve of this list. The new GameSpot crew is so boring. It's true!

Posted by Enemtee

I'm so happy Giant Bomb exists. When Gamespot started to loose people, it started to loose what was fun with Gamespot. Now Giant Bomb is here, and Giant Bomb is special in another way.
I remember always sitting up late at night waiting for the live-broadcast of "On the spot" (as I'm in Sweden). And for other live-broadcasts they did. They even answered my e-mailquestion once :-)

Posted by RBolduc625

Great List

Posted by RobinHoodFox74

married achievement unlocked haha i love that :) everybody is doing well and even better since gamespot.. but wait Joe Fielder is missing from this list, always wondered where he vanished to but now i know he's in the music buisness very cool :) great list!