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A fresh mage? A mage can be unfresh?

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Sold out? Jeff, can I be your roadie?

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I'm wierded out by the absence of melee finishers and special combos you could link up by destroying your foes with different moves.

Also wierded out by the camera right above Delsin's head, when the two past games gave you a really good over-the-shoulder perspective.

I'm not sure I like switching up between smoke and neon, both should have been at your disposition at the same time, now I'm weirded out by the parkour whenever I switch up.

I don't like the absence of music. The game has NONE most of the time, not even a background tune or anything.

And I don't like why they still use the same retarded parkour manoeuvers.

Other than that, I like the game.

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I'll try to give my simple opinion before this thread goes the wrong way.

Usually, people who invoke sex/gender in this industry come with a very firm point of view on those things. Like Carolyn Petit, at Gamespot, who is very likely to point out misogyny in most games she plays. While commendable, it can also irritate a lot of gamers. Because really, a lot of them don't much care about if they're playing with a female or a male lead and find little to no reasons to blow this out of proportion like some gaming media journalists does.

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Didn't know people still played those games. Didn't the trend die circa 2008?

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Titles says it all. I'll download on the PSN store for my PS4.

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I bought Zone of the Enders exclusively to play MGS2's demo back in the days. I played the tanker part for over 20 hours. I don't mind paying 19,99$ for Ground Zeroes.

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I don't like cutscenes. But in-game cutscenes where I can see the clothes/costumes/gear of my character as I customized them? That, I like.