Water Levels or the Decline of the Gamer Civilization

Wow, so.... My friend Brian and I got talking while I was on the drive home from work...

Water Levels in video games always suck. They are overly hard, exceptionally hard to control, and always incredibly "un-fun." No matter what dynamic style of play the video game has, when a water level comes in that dynamic goes out the window...No matter how different the video game, you will end up under "water-dodging" some sort of clam or jellyfish.

And ever since the advent of 3D, the concept has been painfully integrated into an even more grotesque monster. Who likes water levels? Who likes running out of breath?

So lets get started....

EXAMPLE 1: Donkey Kong Country...lets start simple

Ok, yeah..not the worst because it was fun riding the swordfish... but COME ON!
All you do, is dodge crap. The regular levels were fantastic;secrets, hidden doors, timing, etc...Then underwater....woo.

EXAMPLE 2: Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Now this game is beautiful. Then, of coarse, you have to swim.. you run out of air, etc. etc. The controls are unresponsive, its like someone rubs jelly all over the controls. In fact you get so out of whack in most cases you have to equip iron boots just to have control of your situation(as noted in picture)...

...water temple, pshhhh


Man, what is worse then hearing that ominous DONGGGG sound in Sonic the Hedgehog when you start to run out of breath underwater. All of a sudden you hear that creepy music and the countdown from 5. uhh. The only thing you can do sometimes is find one of those bubbles in the ground that rises up. Man that sucks. I dont know what is worse in Sonic, underwater or 'rising lava.'

Elder Scrolls(series)

I find it funny I can't find any underwater screens of Morrowind online.
Now, Lets be real. Morrowind is my hands-down favorite game of all time. That doesn't excuse the fact that the underwater physics and gameplay exploration have been tacked on like an afterthought. Seriously, you randomly get attacked by underwater creatures out of nowhere, you can hardly breath for 1 minute. It sucks...And Oblivion, well, Oblivion didn't change the formula. Both amazing games. Except whenyou have to go underwater of course. Stupid.

EXAMPLE 5: Super Mario Bros. (series)

Seriously, sucks, who likes this in any Mario game??????.

ESPECIALLY WET DRY WORLD IN MARIO 64........That game would be better if that level was never conceived!

...water levels

Developers, hear my plea!



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