L.A. Noire's Map

I found this image during a Google search. What this person basically did was connect all the map pieces he/she took with their camera.    


L.A. Noire scores 9.5/10 with GameInformer AU

GameInformer AU has just posted a review for L.A. Noire in their magazine. L.A. Noire received a 9.5/10.

You can catch the full review by ordering the GameInformer magazine.

The reason for the .5 deduction was because, according to the mag, the action sequences are a bit underwhelming and too simplistic compared to the depth and attention to detail the rest of the game boasts.


“You will pay for the whole seat, but you will only be using the edge of it!” claimed the magazine. A statement that will surely send potential buyers rushing to various stores ready to pick up Rockstar’s latest title.   

So the action in the game will probably not be the best to advanced shooters. Luckily, shooting in L.A. Noire is not much of a big aspect in the game.

All positive reviews so far. Will there be a negative one? (Maybe from a person who expected the game to be GTA style).


Inside L.A. Noire's game case

Here's a picture I found while skimming through another website's forum.
Note that this is the Xbox 360 version (3 discs)

It seems like all the discs come together stacked inside the game case.
Also, Team Bondi trademark anywhere? ;)
Now heres a short video of unboxing. 

The videos below will not be taken down by Take 2 since the user has been granted copyright to show the video of unboxing the game.
PS3 Unboxing:
Xbox 360 Unboxing:

A lot of people don't really care about the manual, they only read it if they got the free time, like me! Hopefully though, it has some good information inside.

L.A. Noire official launch trailer + other info

Today, Rockstar has released a new trailer showcasing L.A. Noire. To me, this trailer had more action in it than the other ones. My favorite scene was when Phelps was firing a machine gun at the enemies. Video Here

 Interesting comments from Rockstar newswire.

@Heirek It is a good mix of several key gameplay types. Each of the main story cases is a blend of crime scene investigation, interrogation and action but the mix will be different from case to case. The game is definitely going to ask you to think a lot more than a more action-heavy game, although unassigned cases are small, bite-size street crimes that you can also take up, and they are almost always action-based.

So did the action mainly come from the unassigned cases (street crimes)?

L.A. Noire comes out next week on May 17 in North America, May 20 in Europe.

New IGN Article: The Story Behind the Man + 6 New screens

Article Here

IGN recently just released an article that gives a little more information on Phelps background.
Well, we've already seen a few trailers where Phelps looks... disturbed.
From Gameplay Orientation:
"looking to right the wrongs committed in his time in the war"
"You look spooked Phelps"  "It never gets any easier Bekowsky."

So what happened to Phelps during the war (possible flashback/cutscene of Phelps in the war to-be-seen in the game). There was info that Phelps has/had a wife. Maybe he killed his wife on purpose or on accident... or maybe something different.

Phelps' time in the war is the backdrop and main motivator for him to want to do the right thing within the LAPD. He enrolled as an officer believing that right would always be on his side and that he had what it takes to lead men.

Maybe he led his battalion/squadron to their death? He likely did something wrong in the war and he wants to fix that by being a good cop.

At first, Phelps seems a little too clean-cut to really dig deep as a detective, but Phelps quickly proves he's prepared to make difficult decisions.

Making difficult decisions...

Cole gets along with some partners better than others, and players can learn a lot about each partner while driving with them to locations during cases.

If you're a person who likes a good story, then I suggest you don't skip the car rides.

IGN: After a few hours with L.A. Noire, I'd say most players will see Phelps as an altruistic, noble, heroic do-gooder. How much will that perception change by the end of L.A. Noire? 

Jeronimo Barrera:
 Like many great noir characters, Phelps is more complicated than he first appears. That journey is at the core of the experience of playing the game: in a town like Los Angeles, everybody has something to hide.

I see a great story in this game already!
This article answers the questions of Phelps background such as "Why did Phelps become a cop", "How does the war influence him", and much more.