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GameInformer AU has just posted a review for L.A. Noire in their magazine. L.A. Noire received a 9.5/10. You can catch the full review by ordering the GameInformer magazine.

The reason for the .5 deduction was because, according to the mag, the action sequences are a bit underwhelming and too simplistic compared to the depth and attention to detail the rest of the game boasts.


“You will pay for the whole seat, but you will only be using the edge of it!” claimed the magazine. A statement that will surely send potential buyers rushing to various stores ready to pick up Rockstar’s latest title.   

So the action in the game will probably not be the best to advanced shooters. Luckily, shooting in L.A. Noire is not much of a big aspect in the game.

All positive reviews so far. Will there be a negative one? (Maybe from a person who expected the game to be GTA style).

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@MistaSparkle: Just a few fighting and shooting scenes. There are about 2 interrogations and 3 cases are shown. The cases are from the Patrol desk, so that means that their mainly tutorials. The first case shouldn't be much of a spoiler though. And yes, it's good.
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@CL60: It contains a few spoilers. If you only watch the first case in the video, you're not really spoiling the game.
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@Daveyo520: I've watched just about every L.A. Noire gameplay put up. The farthest gameplay I've seen is on the Traffic case: The Driver's Seat
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@Xero0: Cool gameplay! Unlike the rest, it has commentary!
Once Tuesday hits though, there'll be lots of commentaries for the game.
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@charliesheen22: Will it depends on what kind of game you're looking for. L.A. Noire is quite slow paced and has a more serious concept than Grand Theft Auto. The story is pretty long too (25-30 hours). Basically it just depends on the type of game you're looking for.
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@EmptyApartment: 1st fifteen minutes of L.A. Noire download link:
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@BiohazardBlaze: The channel is locked, perhaps by Take 2?
By the way:
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@Eversoranimus: Game is running great (except there is lag, but I'm pretty sure it's just the stream itself). Graphics seem about the same as PS3.