Forza Horizon - Locations - Dock Yards

After spending alot of time cruising around and taking photos in the editor, i thought that it would be cool to document some of the different scenery in Horizon. I had a play around and decided on starting out with the Dock yards. I tried to take some photos that include objects that define the Dockyard from others.

Situated in North Carson near the I - 70, the area remains empty of life. Other than the occasional racer the area stays dead. The streets are wide and open, ready for freight to be moved to and fro. The only thing bringing people here is the Outpost on the outer edge of the yard and the orange wristband race Edifice Carson Challenge.

The whole areas rather haunting, the street lights being the only thing showing signs of life.

The lonesome Race Sign up sit near the center of the Docks, billowing out the deep orange beacon for racers.

The race attracts alot of traffic from Racers, Quattro's, WRX's and Volkswagens blast through the area ready for the Carson Challenge. The areas also used for Playground Games like Cat and Mouse, King and Infection. Darting through the crates and buildings makes it a great area for intense chases.

The big crates fill the buildings and are spewed all around the Docks.

The whole areas rather desolate, waiting for a racer to speed through.

The Horizon outpost sits just on the edge of the area up in North Carson, providing a bit of colour to a rather dark buildings of the Dock Yard.

That was my first try at doing a look a location in Forza Horizon. If people enjoy these quick insights i'll make it my aim to produce one every few days till i've got all the interesting locations covered!

Feedback and thoughts would be much appreciated.

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Posted by Optix12

nice idea. Im stuck between asking for the map and a literal point in it to show people where the location you are discussing is or keeping it worded and letting them find where it may be themselves.

Posted by KloakinDevice

I thinks its cool letting them find it on their own, i tell them the area and what its close to so hopefully they'll find it themselves. Any suggestions for the next location?