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Good luck in NYC Vinny, and I can't wait to see what you guys have in store.

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@lord_xp: I just noticed this response, like a month later, lol. Thank you.

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Well done Sony, well done.

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I say good luck to John Riccitiello, the man tried to do some positive things like focusing on new franchises, but unfortunately things just didn't pan out. He definitely made some poor choices and took a lot of blame for things that he probably wasn't directly responsible for, which cast him in a bad light.

Either way, I'd say he was a pretty decent CEO for EA and I just hope they put some one better in his place. Someone else that cares about gamers and creating interesting games and isn't all about the bottom line.

Good luck Johnny Ri!

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Incredible article Alex, thank you. Sooo excited for this!

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Great article Alex, a little light on the snark I've come to expect, but very well written. Keep up the incredible work.

And to everyone affected by the layoffs mentioned above, I wish all of you luck. I never was much of a Gamespy guy, but I used to visit 1up regularly and really enjoyed their content.

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Good on Crytek for doing this, the Darksiders team is capable of so much it'll be interesting to see what they come up with next.

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Where does Crytek get the money to run all these studios? Crysis has done well, but not that well

I assumed they were also a central european publisher (like CDProjekt) but nope, they just made crysis and they have 6 studios for some reason?

I think they get a lot of money from licensing out the Cry engine like what Epic does with the Unreal engine.

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Great article Alex, sad to see THQ go, but with all the missteps it was only a matter of time. Good luck to everyone involved.

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The title of this article should be "The Game That is Terrible"

Agreed, one melee weapon for the whole game? This game is not good, and I can't understand what Patrick likes about it so much.

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Kind of a sad end to the THQ saga, but we all saw this coming. Hopefully the publishers who acquired these franchises will do right by them but only time will tell. I'm especially concerned about Deep Silver buying Volition; Dead Island was decent but it was clearly rushed and had a lot of issues, and if they treat Saint's Row like that I'm going to be fucking pissed. That company doesn't have a great track record in my mind and I would hate for them to fuck up something as great as Saint's Row.