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The last movie I watched was Taken 2! I feel that going in I knew that the first movie was going to be better no matter what and that helped watching this one a lot. The plot is pretty much the same thing except this time it is his wife being taken and they are in a different country, it just has more of Liam Neeson taking guys out which is never a bad thing in my opinion. The actual acting is not that bad minus two thugs early on in the movie and in some scenes the daughter can be a little annoying but not so much that it will take away from the film! It is a pretty decent watch and it has some light humor thrown into it as well and I felt that the movie goes by pretty fast too! I would say if you are looking to get out the house, have already seen the first one, or are looking for a good action fix then this just might be the movie to go out to see! I give a solid 4 Liam Neeson Punches out of 5!

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Hmm my album of the year has to be Camp from the amazing artist Childish Gambino. It truly blew me away and I think every track is great especially Bonfire, Kids (Keep Up), and You See Me. Special mentions have to go to Watch the Throne and Goblin. I know Tyler the Creator isnt for everyone but I enjoy his music. It has been a very rap heavy year for me but as far as rock goes August Burns Red's Leveler is a must listen it really makes them shine.

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I have been getting slow loading time trying to watch videos on HD progressive. I am just now starting to change to lower quality to see if it helps, but I have just experienced another wierd bug. As I was loading the new zelda QL i was waiting for about 50 min and noticed only 16 min on progressive has been loaded. So being semi fed up I went to make a sandwich which took about 2 min came back to see how far it got and it then said the whole video was loaded up but around 18 min in it just stopped. I hope that the top men can do something about this cause I have no television and the giant bomb QL was going to be my way around that.

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  Just gonna post this and hope the arguments stop
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Fable, Zelda, metal gear, and Uncharted

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KME93: Best of 2010

1. Mass Effect 2

I can not think of any other game that I spent the most time with than this one. This game contains great characters, action, drama, and interaction and all that makes me want to come back to it again and again. I could say more about this game but I think this would take up a whole page so I will end this by saying Mass Effect 2 is my game of the year.

2. Halo: Reach

Halo is back! I have always preferred the Halo series seeing that it is one of my favorites, but the one thing that I can always look forward to in Halo games is that they get bigger and bigger. Reach is game that did not disappoint me when I went in playing it and the multi-player is phenomenal. Bungie last Halo game is definatley one they went out on a bang with.

3. Vanquish

Woah! Those were the first words that came out of my mouth when I first played Vanquish and that word is the best way to describe Vanquish. It is the fastest game I have played in a long time and its graphics are also some of the best I have seen in 2010. Although the story may be short I feel that the detail and pure crazy action in this game was worth every penny.

4. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

I love,love,love Brotherhood. Now I will admit to this day I have not beaten the story mode yet, but I can say that I am honestly surprised on how well crafted it is and how much was fixed from the second game. Now let us get to the main reason as to why I didn't beat the story...Multiplayer. The multiplayer in this game is fantastic and has some great game types that just work. It keeps you on edge and makes you want more and more which worked for me.

5. Rock Band 3

I also love Rock Band. I feel that Harmonix really nailed it on this one. Great song choice and a whole lot of improvement over the past games. Also the addition of my now favorite instrument the keyboard. I can honestly not think of one bad thing about this game other than the fact that Come Sail Away by Styx is not in the game. Truly the best game in the series.

6. Monday Night Combat

Last years gem of Summer of Arcade for me was Shadow Complex. Now in 2010 I am going to have to say that it is Monday Night Combat. This games multiplayer is great because well that is all it is a multiplayer game. The characters are all great and all have awesome abilities. I also enjoy the fact of how much work Uber Entertainment has put into this game. To them I say great job!

7. Red Dead Redemption

Now i know this is low on the list, but dont get me wrong Red Dead is an absolute joy. I would put it higher but the thing is I just played the game for week beat it and finished quite a few side quest. However I feel that if I had more time with it I would put it higher. Now lets get Back to the game. This game's story is one of the best of 2010. It has great variety in character and it just makes you feel like a cowboy. Also may I add this John Marston my Video Game Character of the Year boom!

8. Blur

This is one crazy game. I like to think of this game as like if Forza met Mario Cart. Now I have never been a fan of racing games, but this game throws in a lot of things it is hard not enjoy it. Also I like it when I see nice cars get wrecked by my neon red orb of doom. I have to say whenever this game was played I had nothing but fun.

9. Limbo

What an interesting game. When I first saw Limbo I didn't know what to make of it. It was something different and something new. I do say that Limbo has great puzzles and it is also very artistic and it is just an interesting game. This is one game I would totally recommend.

10. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

And here we end the list with one of my favorite XBL arcade games. I watched the movie way before playing the game. When I saw that the game was on a deal of just 400 ms points I thought hey who knows maybe this game is good. Boy am I glad I spent those points. This game is just so nostalgic and fun. Seriously tons of video game call backs and some calls to the movie as well. Also one of the most amazing soundtrack to any video game in 2010. I feel that this game did everything it could right.

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garrus and a krogan whether it be wrex or grunt but mainly garrus since he went with me on every single mission I could take him on

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City Of thieves which I thought was pretty good and I enjoyed my time reading it. I am currently reading World War Z and I am enjoying it so far 

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Brad: Starcraft 2 
Ryan: ACB or Civ 5 
Vinny: ME2
Jeff: ME2 or Rock Band 3
Just a sidebar I really hope that Vanquish gets at least nominated for something cause I feel that game came out at the wrong time and with everyone saying it was short I think not that many people paid mind to it but it really was a great game