Racoon City Operations is my most hated games of all time...

Up until a few weeks ago I had no idea Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City existed, until I saw the exclusive nemesis trailer for the 360 version of the game...

I was slightly interested in the game from what I found in terms of game play demos and overall description.

Cut to first weekend after release. Having played just over 5 hours and still not have completed the campaign, I have little to no ambition to complete this bug infested mess of game...

My findings starts here

Lets go over what I have enjoyed so far from this game

  • Third person action co-op zombie shooter, that's a very specific category that has yet to have game set the bar for.
  • 4 person/bot story mode is something I really enjoy leading to team based survival, with class specific perks that can be upgraded and weapons that can be acquired through experience

Now lets go over the stuff that makes me want shove the controller into face because it would more enjoyable than playing this game

  1. The games friendly A.I. or lack there. You see when you don't have any human players that tag along as teammates you get stuck with possibly THE worst ally AI I've ever experienced this generation. They don't revive other teammates nor do they preserve there own life (running into wall mines, running out in the open just to get smoked by dozens of enemies). I've stopped caring about friendlies running into walls and getting stuck trying to make it through doors since its guaranteed to happen every single time you play with AI.
  2. Trying to revive fallen teammates is like performing surgery with a toothpick, you see when your clueless AI buddies fall for whatever stupidity they manage to do. Players have to revive other players, the AI won't do it.
    But just the act of reviving others is atrocious. Not only can you revive other teammates but you can pick up there weapons so when you do try to revive someone you have to FIGHT with the game itself to start the revival process. The developers decided to map the revival button to the same button that allows to pick up weapons so don't be surprised you pick up your teammates weapon a few times before starting the revival process...
  3. I've seen on a dozen occasions where downed teammates FALL THROUGH THE GROUND making it impossible to revive them even though the game's downed player icon is in the spot where the clipping corpse was.
  4. The boss battles are laughable at best, without spoiling anything at one point in the game your progress through a level is blocked when a boss battle literally lands in front of the door to the next area, "blocking" access to "progress" until said boss is dead. Upon half way through this same boss battle another "boss" literally just comes out of nowhere without any explanation or alert, padding this boring and frustrating boss battle more than it should.
  5. The game has no suspense other than the fact that it could freeze or glitch at any time preventing advancing of the story...

I have more complaints but its well documented on forums around the internet on what's so terribly wrong with this "game"

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You Got La Cross in my Beaver Valley

Just started playing this game last night and currently going stage 9, I've just past Beaver Valley Expressway. I noticed something eerie familiarities to a previous event in "The Run"

The Beaver Valley, PA section looked surprisingly similar to the La Crosse, Wisconsin section

And Upon further checking, they are the SAME exact tracks. Just the start and finish is swapped.

Here is the La Crosse section

and Beaver Valley section

Same shortcuts, bridges, advertisements signs, the only change? Color pallet swap and time of day.

I'm OK with reusing assets to save on cost of development and disc space but I'm not OK with reusing entire environments/tracks/maps and calling it something else

There are also other parts in the game that this issue is noticeable, in Chicago you go through the same "track" 3 times. Forwards, back and forwards again

Shame on EA, Blackbox this is worse than the Issues Undercover had, at least that game at much more content that would garnish a $60 purchase, it just was broken from the post-release patches (Still haven't been fixed, never will be)

If you are going to make another NFS EA, spend less money on Micheal Bay and Sports Illustrated cover girls and more on the game itself.