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Lowered Expectations 0

I don't normally purchase games day one, nevermind at full price.  However, I've had my eye on Homefront since I first heard about it - I've really wanted a game to explore the possibility of an invasion of the US.  I still would love to see Heartland be made, and Homefront sounded just up that alley.    What a letdown.  I told myself several times: calm down, this is Kaos, Frontlines was buggy and a similar disappointment, just let it go on sale on Steam.  But I didn't listen, and I was done 6 ...

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The New Definition of Open World 2

If you were a troll, you could say that Red Dead Redemption is GTA 4 with a Wild West skin, or a mod.  If I wanted to hate, I could agree with you.  However, Rockstar improved the GTA formula in several ways, and all those tweaks add up to create an enjoyable experience that I wish everyone would try.   RDR is a vast improvement not just because Rockstar removed dealing with friends.  The main character, John Marston, is a former outlaw who is forced to return to his killing ways, convinced t...

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Excellent 0

I got into the space combat/exploration genre pretty late - I had the interest, but didn't have my own computer until 2000.  Because of this, I missed all the X-Wing/ TIE Fighter and  Wing Commander games.  When this was released in 2003, it quickly piqued my interest - the exploration possibilities of an RPG, without the wizardry baggage that most of them came with.   Freelancer did not disappoint.   Granted, I wouldn't say exploration is an important thing to do in Freelancer - you...

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Disappointing... but few options 0

I'm slightly surprised that more space sim games aren't released - yes it's a small market, but there is so little competition that every game is seen in at least a semi-positive light.  DarkStar One is a prime example - I picked it up two days after it's release, hoping for a prettier Freelancer.  It impressed me, even if I couldn't max out all the graphics settings.   The combat is very similar to Freelancer, which is a good thing in my book.  The ship upgrade system was different - I p...

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