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hmm well i guess keep telling them

initially i wasnt expecting it due to historical politics of microsoft along with the lack of fable 2

but then again in the last few years, we had some 360 titles come to pc after a while like toy soldiers, iron brigade, shadow planet, etc etc... plus i was the one to spot halo3 in the AMD gfx drivers, maybe the chances are higher now (still no gears past 1 in sight!)

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@flannelbeard said:

as for syncing, i am guessing, xbox is one system so it didn't need to sync. sony has ps3, ps4 and vita and they all show and register trophies at that same time so it needs to sync somehow.

i wonder if 360 and xbone works this way now?

that's not what syncing means in this case, i only have a ps3 & you always have to manually sync just to get any changes to appear on the sony site, otherwise all trophies are strored locally on the console

it takes a while since i bet it's manually going through each game, so the more trophies/games you have, the longer it takes (i can confirm it taking longer as i got more trophies & started more games with 0 or 1 trophy out of 20+ each)

to speed this up on ps4, they probably have a timestamp system that would skip already synced trophies, probably like SVN/GIT/dropbox version control

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Go girlpower. But don't misslead or nag to us.

Come on, Patrick. I was expecting something funny and you sent us to a lecture.

Not necessary. Not cool.

'all of that blood reminds her of her period' i was laughing several times

that wasnt a real lecture, pay attention

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doesnt have to be high end, cuda is cuda

i glanced at octance recently, it also appears they will make it support opencl in the future so you can use it on non-nv cards

i've been digging into cinema4d now, certainly going to become one of my primary tools for everything from now on, now i gotta see what are my options for utilizing the gpu

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I have decided to upgrade my PC in about 4 months or so (I'm gonna wait until Nvidia releases the Maxwell generation of GPUs and decide the best option then)

maxwell could take longer than 4 months, there's also talk that it's still 28nm so it wont be the big jump until 'big maxwell' for late 2014/early 2015?

next gen radeons in a week, let's see what they bring too

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what does wintimertester show?

what's your DPC look like when idling & in game during the stutters?

try this maybe EDIT: whoops you did

windows isnt a realtime OS, drivers arent perfect, many games are a mess

motherboard bios updated? cpu power options disabled in bios?

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i have a different corsair OEM psu information link from the one on tom's

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actually i would say HP is usually one of the nicer ones overall

dont forget, other companies make what's inside the laptop, all the brands are just case designs (simplified description)

i want to know more about your current laptop actually, did you imply it's 17"?

$400-500 is... a problem if you want to play games, but maybe you might find an AMD APU based laptop, 1366x768, etc

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i have a question about your 3d work, can you confirm a 770 will actually be utilized? not just the realtime viewport, but the actual render as so many renderers are still cpu based

i've done 3dsmax in the past & currently entering cinema4d while glancing at any interesting 3rd party renderers

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mebe i should have quoted thechronodarkness

if you use an AMD card, you get studder if you crossfire or not.