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"Silence isn't complicity. Silence might also be not letting a campaign of hate and chaos be taken seriously by not giving it a place at the table."

Beautifully said. I was sort of ok with Giantbomb staying quiet on this whole matter because I assumed this was the stance that was being taken. However I understand why something had to be written and I think Jeff did a tremendous job. Keep up the great work guys, and lets all play some video games.

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I was told I look a bit like Brad...

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@bourbon_warrior: It really is unfortunate, because when the game is's pretty magical.

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Seriously, this needs to be on the front page. I can just tell settling in for a night of this game is going to turn into the next morning already.

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thanks sir, just joined up.

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I'd be happy to set up a steam community group if we want one.

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Do we have any kind of community set up for this yet on steam? either a group or a full dedicated server? Id really love to play this game with people who will actually talk and be decent people haha

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Knale29 on steam, Id love to play with some GB steam folks.

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SSX 3 is one of my favorite games of all time...I really really want this to be good and insane and crazy and totally ridiculous. ALSO, great soundtrack again would be nice. :)

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I am a modeler....*Sprints to open Maya as fast as humanly possible.*

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