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I'm currently watching this show, up to Season 6 so far, and it really got bad in this season. Does it get any better, or do they just keep recycling the things we've seen before? Also, souless Sam was annoying and all over the place.

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Is there a way to change the color of the site? I remember Dave showing it off in that demo he did a while ago, but I don't remember where it was.

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Looking good. For some reason I'm unbanned too, so that's really cool.

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@AlexanderSheen: You've proven Luffy's point how you've been corrupted by moe. Only Manime lovers can appreciate JoJo.

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Gintama 254 was a good episode again. The suicide scene was funny, but the best part was Hasegawa and Katsura's conversation. I'm guessing Kin will legitimately try to help now.

Btooom! 2 was alright. The backstory of the blonde chick was pretty depressing, but the most amusing part was how they censor the fat guy swimming in her tits, but leave a guy getting his throat cut and limbs flying left and right.

Psycho-Pass 1 was ok. I like the premise, but the main chick is annoying, and feels out of place. The world is established to work like this, yet she's acting like this is the first time she saw how you're supposed to deal with criminals. She's also a cop, which doesn't help.

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@Animasta: What did you not like about it? I love overly dramatic shows, and Dio is despicable, which is what a villain should be. Never thought I'd see the day where I root for the protagonist of a Shounen Anime.

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By far the best sub group for Jojo.

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@AlexanderSheen: Pretty much, yeah. The author wrote the side stories after the SAO story finished already.