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@turboman: Dude, yes. I think since people probably don't watch The Soup, they don't understand that. Joel is a snarky asshole, that's why we love seeing him tear shows a new one on The Soup. He does this here, and everyone loses their shit. Joel is Joel, and if you didn't want that, then you shouldn't have asked him to do it.

Thank you very much for that.

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OK, so I have problem and knowing these speakers are pretty popular, I think I might find some help.
I have owned these speakers for a few years, love them, and I want to continue using them. The problem is, since the PS4 does not have component out, I cannot use them. Right?
I currently have a Red/White component to 3.5mm cable which plugs into the speakers and that how I get sound. My only thought was if my TV had the headphone jack out, but it doesn't.
I think I have ran through every possible scenario, and I think they will not work with the PS4, even with some external cables and such. Am I wrong? Am I missing something? Should I accept it, and move on to some other sound system? If so, what sound system would you recommend?
As always, thank you for your help.

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Ok, so apparently the Razer Orbweaver counts as a controller. That was my problem. As soon as I disconnected the USB for it, the game launched perfectly fine.
What a backwards ass thing to cause the game to not launch.

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No overlay, no controller. I haven't found a solution yet. Gonna try to mess around now and see if anything works.

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So I was excited to play The Wolf Among Us, but when I launched the game, I found it to crash. Over and over again. I can't even launch the game, and I have no earthly clue as to how to fix this. I reinstalled it to no avail.
Anyone having the same problems, and have a solution for what they did to fix it?
Thanks, I appreciate any help towards the matter, because I'd like to play and not waste my $22.49.

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So I can just walk into my local Gamestop and grab a copy no problem?

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I easily spent around $170 in celebration of my new PC.

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I fucking LOVED both of them. Although AP kinda frustrated me, I still tell people to play it. Try and get both when they go on a super sale!

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Buy right now as long as you have someone else to join you on Pandora. I found the game somewhat dull as a single player game. Find a friend (or three!) and start playing!

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I have one on right now and I live in the central valley in CA. It sometimes get to be around 95 degrees in my room. BALLS HOT