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This is incredible hahahah. Well done!

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Oh shoot! I will thanks for reminding me.

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Genuinely stoked to see an article written on Giant Bomb in 2015 that isn't GOTY related.

I've been waiting for Galak-Z to come out since I played it at PAX East last year. It's going to be my new Spelunky I think.

Splatoon was the first game for Wii-U that got me actually considering the system. Now that Bayo 2/Mario Kart/Smash Bros./Mario 3D World are out, 2015 might be the year for a Wii-U for me.

I have really high hopes for Just Cause 3, 2 was a masterpiece. I mean the awful story and characters were awful, but it played into the vibrant over the top nature of the environment too. It was like watching a diamond in the rough action movie from the late 80's/early 90's. The action was amazing and the writing was horrid.

Mercenaries 1 was awesome. I'm glad someone still remembers it.

edit: More specifically, a Jeff Gerstmann article. You're a good writer Jeff, I want to read more!

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I was there with a fellow GB friend! I got to go two years ago and have been wanting to ever since. So happy I could this year.

We played a ton of Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo and Ms. Pacman. He was new to pinball so I showed him around the various well regarded tables and happily he started to get into it!

Did you try that indie game with the huge 50(?) inch screen cabinet?
I wish I had thought to check the forums here to see if anyone else was there, would have been cool to grab a drink at the bar. We spent a fair amount of time there as well...

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This was really great, well done. You continue to be one of the best parts of this community.

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I'm in the same boat as Drew and haven't ever really played a Zelda. I added the game to my wish list a few days ago because it sounds excellent!

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I wish Jeff wrote more articles. They're fun to read.

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@yummylee: Not sure what this gauge is for. I love the Crank movies but I also enjoyed the hell out of Shoot 'Em Up in the theatres. Nothing beats Crank 2 in terms of intensity of dumb and crazy for me I think. I'd say it's probably more Crank then..probably...and Fast & Furious.

Also I just remembered this when a white dude fighting Ice Cube gets hung by a chain and he says "Ain't that ironic." GOD DAMN I LOST IT

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Cheers guys!

@Roger778 said:

Nice list, and your choice for #1 was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. I've become a fan of Open-world games over the years, and I'm convinced that Sleeping Dogs will be a fun game to play.

There's more I can say on Sleeping Dogs. You can feel the love for the source material that the developer has when playing it. I'm also realizing how much a good soundtrack helps a game for me. I just started playing Driver: San Francisco and it's soundtrack is awesome! Makes me overlook the not so great handling.

@Zrais: You really should!

@RobotHamster: Yeah I'm steaming along in Mass Effect 3 for the first time now and have Witcher 2 along with so many others waiting. I counted just my steam library, which has 50+ games installed currently. It's a blessing/curse.

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@Fallen189 said:

2013 return of 3-Bit peter plz

I could get drunk and yell in a skype call with my condenser mic, that's about it these days, too busy.@BamurDeadd said:

Binary DOMAIN! GOTY 2012, seriously interesting shooter with a more than decent story.

Yeah, I didn't expect it to be that high on my list but the more I remembered playing it, the more I remember just how much I enjoyed it and how surprising it was. I just remembered the headshot noise too! Made an edit.