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228164 The Tomorrow Children Game Overview Small tweaks to release date (still TBD) and genre (it has town building strategy elements). 01/09/16 04:26PM 2 Approved
186644 New Game Game Overview This just came out on Steam, and I was curious if anyone was talking about it on GB, but there's not even a page for it. 07/17/15 11:27PM 10 Denied
132453 Chuck Knigge Person Overview 08/27/14 05:56PM 11 Approved
131408 inFamous: First Light Game Overview 08/24/14 01:34PM 4 Approved
131406 inFamous: Second Son Game Overview 08/24/14 01:34PM 2 Approved
131405 Guild Wars 2 Game Overview 08/24/14 01:33PM 2 Approved
102120 Chuck Knigge Person Overview Worked at Arenanet for 3 years on Guild Wars 2. Worked on inFAMOUS Second Son. 04/25/14 03:03PM 10 Approved
88291 Mario Golf: World Tour Game Overview Changed a line of text about the release date. Could maybe even be deleted. 02/13/14 05:10PM 3 Approved