You know this already, but LttP is pure joy

Taking a break from FNV (level 33 and yet to meet up with Benny, I fucking love exploring) to play through something from another time and place, yet with a similar vibe: Zelda:LttP. Where can I add achievements for this classic?!? ;)

God I love the older Zeldas. I've played through the original at least five or six times since 1987, but LttP only once, on an emulator with a crusty old gamepad. The game has been pure joy thus far, especially the finely-tuned difficulty level and pacing, which is so perfectly measured for the size of the game world. I'm sure that at some point it will start to feel small and easy; even FNV feels small and easy now that I have found about 130 locations and my beloved Gobi. But it surprises me to no end that the LttP gameworld, so small that you can see its individual trees on the map, somehow manages to make it seem like it's a trek from your house to Lake Hylia. A real accomplishment, that.

I've been using the keyboard this time around, but am about to try to get DarwiinRemote (classic controller) running. I am a little hesitant to do so because the controller is new, the d-pad is stiff, and I remember the very real pain caused by Nintendo Thumb. But the old, crusty gamepad connects via ADB and I'm not in the mood to buy a wireless dongle for that already-wireless 360 controller. Let's see how this goes.