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360 - knitlife

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I also can help people with boss fights, have four level 50s and the proper gear. I've beaten all bosses legit but am not opposed to smashing (it has its uses). GT is same as username, lemme know you're from GB.

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Latest news from Gearbox:

I probably wouldn't bother with that thread, it's a bunch of whining. Everyone it seems is having the same symptoms, pack downloads to 97%, 98, 99, then 0, then 97, etc.

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@thabigred: I have a commando around that level and just got back to Sanctuary. Could use a few more levels before going back to the Wildlife Stalker Player Torture Map 2000, send a friend request if you want help getting unstuck.

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Now where did I put my walker?

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Seriously, though, these kinds of political shenanigans cost us money and respect. Our system is ill. USA USA USA

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I've had an ebay search running on this game for a few months now, and the prices have only trended upwards in that time (to ~$70 at auction and even higher for BIN).

I was looking at the free 30 day Gamefly trial as an alternative, with the assumption that the one rental will take up most of the month.

For those of us with a US Wii, are these two options (high price or Gamefly) pretty much the only options for obtaining/playing the game at this point, or are there others? I came back to console gaming earlier this year after a few years away and am still out of the loop on good rental/trading services or sites. Thanks!

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@mracoon: Fez Fez Fez Fez Fez. The music was superbly integrated with the gameplay and succeeded at setting the tone for various levels (such as the foreboding cemetery one). Love that music. Also, the songs sound a lot like Boards of Canada, which was a plus in my book.

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@awesomeusername: I'll claim Cave Story+ if it's still available!