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So the physical differences between men and women are cultural as well?

Friend, this is obviously a rhetorical question, and is only going to lead to more pointless back and forth. You came to this thread with a pretty bold statement that women were worse than men at games because of their brains, based on nothing more than your observation of how society is at this point in time. I and others have offered alternative explanations.

Having a conversation about it is great, but now it just seems like you're trying to argue rather than discuss.

Ho'kay I'm done.

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In the first part of the last century in America, it would have been a "huge logical leap to assume, based on the [professional sports] scene, that [black people] are equally capable and the only reason they're held back is because of discrimination.". But... that was entirely the case.

Assumptions about a group that isn't participating in something are utterly useless.

Better analogy than most I've seen.

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Men are significantly more likely to be autistic than women. This alone is hard evidence that men and female minds are wired differently.

Not really. Could be that medical professionals more easily perceive it in boys.

I'd say there is plenty of additional evidence to suggest men in general are more capable than women in video games.

Also, that's a huge leap in logic.

A.) Men and women have different brains.

B.) Therefore, men are better at video games than women.

It's also a huge logical leap to assume, based on the current competitive gaming scene, that women are equally capable and the only reason they're held back is because of discrimination.

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I just don't see myself coming home and strapping on my Facebook Goggles to play Half-Life 3.

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I find it hilarious that people think Nintendo is somehow incurring a lot of risk by releasing this. It's a niche product with an attractive price point that will probably turn a profit.

There is a lot of irrational hatred toward Nintendo that even Giantbomb can't escape.